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Formed in 1979 at the Southampton Boat Show by a group of junk rig enthusiasts, the JRA (Junk Rig Association) is for its members and about their boats and their rigs. We aim to: promote the use of the junk rig by encouraging members to organise 'rallies' and 'junkets' (see About Us) and via our tri-annual Magazine and this site; encourage the development of junk and related rigs, the building or conversion of boats to the junk rig, and the use of vessels with the rig or its derivatives; create an international community of people who've already 'junked' their boat, are thinking of doing so, or are just interested in learning what it's all about.  

Summing that up, our main job is to get the rig talked about. Former Chairman David Tyler certainly helped there: the Ocean Cruising Club recently awarded him their Rose Medal "for the most meritorious short-handed ...and exceptional voyage on board Tystie [from the UK to New Zealand]. You will  have inspired many others, some of whom may well adopt a junk rig." David's follow-up voyage to and around Alaska was tracked here. Tystie and David are now in Canada.

Where are we based?

We were formed in the UK, and although our 'office' address and banking remains in the UKMembership distribution 14/07/2015 we are run by an increasingly international Committee via the Internet. A number of posts become vacant every year, at the AGM, so if you choose to join you could also put your name forward to help run the 'club'. It doesn't run itself. Our membership is now more than   50% outside the UK. Click the chart for detail.

Boat of the Month

November 2015 – Arne Kverneland's Frøken Sørensen

Frøken Sørensen is a 6.5m 1987 Greif 650 ‘Jollenkreuzer’ converted by Arne during spring, 2013 from a 15sqm Bermudan to a 20sqm Junk rig. Arne’s initial sail drawing (left) shows that although he increased the sail area by 33%, the mast is considerably shorter than the original (whose top is shown at the tip of the yard). After stretching along the battens to reduce wrinkles, the 9% camber was reduced to 8% - vertical camber between the battens was better.

The 22 x 2mm battens are on the light side and some upward bending occurred. Slackening the Hong Kong parrels and installing a throat hauling parrel acting on the yard and batten 2 allows a light tug on the THP to remove the diagonal creases in each panel.

Performance is good in all wind strengths. She is livelier than the heavily ballasted Johanna and Arne has to remind himself of FS’s ballast ratio (zero), but she has enough stability, based on her wide beam and flat bottom, to carry her sail. She is quite stiff until her max righting angle at 25º but from then it deteriorates. An easily-reefed JR is just the thing, so Arne has always preferred to over-rig his boats - the first panel is reefed at around F3/F4. Arne has also recently fitted a fan-up preventer (described on his page on the JRA site and in the most recent issue of the JRA magazine).

With an effective centreboard she points well, tacking mostly just outside 90º. The rudder is huge with a fine, streamlined section and has plenty of grip. FS is not directionally stable - she will turn quickly and sharply if the tiller is let go. A tiller brake, in the style of Broremann but with stronger bungees. allows her to steer herself for a while, providing a steady hand while Arne attends to the sail.

The little centre-boarder has further lowered Arne’s threshold for going sailing. The sail is so easy to hoist and lower that he do not think twice about doing so several times a day. The same is true of the sheet and two running parrels (THP and YHP). The 2.3hp outboard at only 14kg is easily swung up and down with one hand. It starts first pull and is more than powerful enough. Fuel consumption is low - 'measured in teacups'. Arne says the consumption of coffee and tea on board has certainly been many times higher.

Our Boat of the Month Archive is here.

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  • Download Arne Kverneland's pdf [987 Kb] 'Junk Rig for Beginners' in English or French. Arne has put much thought and energy into developing cambered panel rigs. This article - one of many which you can find here - goes back to basics. It's a great read before you tackle something just as essential - Hasler/McLeods' bible Practical Junk Rig.
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Converting your boat to junk rig is the best thing you can do to improve her safety and efficiency!


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