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Created on: 09 Dec 2013
Photos to illustrate threads I've posted to on fora
  • Showing the angle of the trim tab to the rudder
  • Hold down arrangement on Fantail's mast.
  • The wood all nicely stacked.
  • The wind vane in action. Note shock cord to stop the tiller from flailing about to violently. As you can see, there was no requirement to set up weather helm.
  • Badger's Luke anchor, stowed
  • Easy Go's rudder
  • Elsie's rudder 'before'.
  • Elsie's rudder 'after'.
  • LCG's "Francis" under her new "kiwi-junk" rig.
  • Missee Lee: deck view
  • Missee Lee:from above.
  • Patric's trim tab
  • 'Half a tone of hardwood, possibly Soligna'
  • lower part of topmast, with Simsons Marine Glue applied before mating the two parts
  • A pram hood is a great place in fine weather, too.
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