2 SibLim - the model (41)

Created on: 26 Aug 2015
A series of photos showing the drawing and creation of a 5:1 model of the proposed boat.
  • Using a pattern to mark out the bulkheads
  • David at work
  • The full size pattern
  • The bulkheads cut out
  • Stations 2 and 3
  • David marking the bottom panel
  • Backbone in foreground. The 'egg crate' method of construction has been modified to a more conventional 'build around bulkheads' arrangement.
  • Attaching uprights to the strong back.
  • Testing out the backbone
  • Setting up the bulkheads in 1.5mm okoume ply.
  • Backbone set in: note framing for furniture and bilge board cases on bulkheads
  • After end of backbone under cockpit
  • Fairing backbone, to fit bottom panels
  • Gluing down bottom panel. Note bilge board case
  • Preparing for forward bottom panel
  • The bottom panel will be two laminates, so the model is likewise
  • Note how the bottom panel extends aft: the transom has to be attached to the skegs
  • David shaping a skeg
  • Bilge board case
  • Fitting the skegs: to scale and substantial!
  • Port side topside planking affixed
  • Looking like a boat
  • Starboard side planked. A shame we can't use a glue gun for the real thing!
  • Fitting grounds to the bulkheads for the planking
  • Detail of grounds
  • 'Lute' stern.
  • Starboard chine area planked up
  • Completing the planking,apart from bilge board slot
  • Fitting the sheer clamp
  • Gluing on the sheer clamp - clamps from the $2 store!
  • It's Roll Over Day!
  • May I introduce Floozie?
  • David looking happily at his creation
  • Quarter view
  • To see how she'll look afloat
  • Now to the cockpit
  • And the saloon
  • Twin tillers complicate the cockpit design: where do I sit to steer?
  • The model is an aid for tweaking the design and building. Most of the fitout won't be included, but the cockpit layout caused a lot of head scratching.
  • We put in the saloon seating to get a feel of the space
  • Finally, we roughed out a keel and bilgeboard and I painted the model: again impressionistic rather than literal. Ideally I would add bronze portholes along the side, but doubt I can afford them.
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