5 Sib-Lim - planking the hull (50)

Created on: 05 Jan 2016
Due to the Chinese junk bow and unusual stern, the Siblim design actually needs to have her bow and stern fitted before most of the longitudinal framing.
  • 6/2 Fitting the chine log
  • 7/2 Gluing chine log in place
  • 8/2 Preparing the chine log for the port side
  • Port chine log in place
  • March 1 - making the davits from bits of hardwood that Marcus found for me.
  • Mar 10 - Davit glued up
  • 10 Mar - sheer clamp being fitted.
  • Mar 10 - Gluing the final layer of the sheer clamp in place
  • 13/1 - Fitting the transoms
  • 13/1 Transoms
  • 14/2 Chine log roughly planed.
  • Second panel, second layer glued into place
  • Bow notched for stringer
  • Full-length stringer awaiting a half round routed on it and sanding
  • 14/1 - Deck beam, forward transom
  • 16/2 Screwing down another panel on the bottom
  • Mar 16 - Fitting the first layer of topside planking
  • 16 Mar - topside panel from the inside.
  • 17/1 Pete Hill joins the SibLim Club
  • 17/1 Preparing the bottom planking, first layer.
  • 18/1 Dry fitting the bottom planking.
  • Mar 18 - First topside panel glued in place. A red-letter day!
  • Mar 20 - port topside panel in place
  • 21/1 First layer of bow transom being fitted.
  • 21/1 Cleaning up the glue
  • 22/2 Making the floor in the 'fender locker' by the bilgeboard case. This acts as a stiffener.
  • 22/2 Gluing in the plywood in the 'fender locker'.
  • 24/1 Marking for the second layer of 6mm at the bow.
  • 27/1 The second layer took a lot of pulling down - hard to get screws to hold in thing Okoume ply. So I filled all the holes before the 3rd layer goes on.
  • 27/1 Second layer of 6mm completed.
  • 28/2 showing floor in 'fender locker'.
  • 28/2 Gluing scarves for sheer clamp
  • 29/1 A framework for the lute. This had to be done while I could still use a straight edge from bulkheads which have the DWL marked on them, because the DWL, the baseline, is in the air at this point
  • 29/1 The bottom of the boat now has 12mm of plywood glued to it.
  • 3/2 Bertrand cuts a scarf in a chine log
  • Mar 3 Fitting davit
  • 4/2 Matching scarfs
  • Offsets for forward part of bottom of hull
  • Gluing up scarfs.
  • 5/2 Fitting chine log to the bow
  • 7/1 Adding framing for the bottom
  • 7/1 framing glued in
  • 29/12 New SibLim Club members, Phil and Mark, setting up the skegs for glueing and screwing into place.
  • Spreading the glue.
  • The skegs, glued and filleted into place.
  • 6/1 The lower chine logs were quite unfair at Stn 2, so I cut them out, widened the notch, added extra material & glued them back in place. Most of the wood, outboard, will go when they're planed fair
  • 30/1/16 Fitting the second layer on the bottom
  • Setting up the lute stern
  • 31/1/16 Framing for the lute
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