trident 24 jr – 'let the son shine'

  • 05 Jan 2018 20:48
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    we (the seascouts) have a fb–page now… 

    …maybe someone is interested in it…

  • 26 Aug 2016 05:02
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    thank you very much, indeed! 

    and yes – familiarising young people not just with sailing but with the junk rig, too, seems not to be a bad idea… :–))

    (and they do a brilliant job, btw – here are some more pictures……)

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  • 25 Aug 2016 22:17
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    What a nice boat, Georg!  She looks really purposeful.  I'm sure you regret your decision far less now - and how wonderful to introduce a lot of young people to the joys of junk rig :-)
  • 25 Aug 2016 12:36
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    this year will be a good sailing season. 

    after i sold mimpi i bought candice marie, a trident 24.

    the former of 'candice marie' owner talked me into buying that boat – and as a n00b i let it happen –  it turned out that the boat pretty run–down.

    soon i regretted it – it took quite some time even to clean it up.

    due to some family issues i had no time to take care for her.

    then i met some scouts.

    they were looking for a sailing boat – to give children from families, who would never ever afford a boat, the opportunity (learning) to sail.

    i decided to give the boat to them – by still being the owner.

    that way  the boat will be sailed – and i can sail it, too.

    now they're working on the boat to make it better. 

    and they're doing a brilliant job!

    the sail is made by sebastian – and as usual it's well done.

    i took some pictures – here and here.

    the scouts renamed 'candice marie' to 'son shine'. 

    right now they're trying to repair the motor.

    when we first sailed the boat it went surprisingly well. 

    the old lady behaves well – and and answers quick.

    on our first trip – i think we had about 2–3 bft – we measured 6.5 kts. 

    that's not bad for such an old lady, i'd say. 

    the sail (which has a sail area of 31 m² / 334 sqft) is cambered – so the boat goes well with light wind.

    looking forward to the next trips.

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