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  • 16 Feb 2017 15:21
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    Thank you all very much. Most encouraging! So as not to waste any person's time on flights of fancy, I will post as requested pictures and drawings when I find boats I am serious about. This will not happen until next year when I return to the U.S. and can look at them in person. I have posed the question at a time when I am just beginning to gather information. I am essentially window shopping, and needed to know what if anything to rule out.  I will continue to read and research as much as I can. I will also be looking at boats that are already junk rigged, though they might be overseas and would thus need to be delivered to the U.S. I am committed to living here in Costa Rica thru the end of 2017. This project will begin in earnest when I return to the U.S. in 2018.  

  • 13 Feb 2017 08:08
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    Have look at and in particular the list of boats that have been converted, on JRA Fact Sheet 5. Its latest incarnation as an XLS spreadsheet lists over 300 designs, so you can probably find something similar to the type you have in mind.

  • 13 Feb 2017 01:23
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    Bob, I'm no expert and haven't converted anything but the boats I'm attracted to are in the size range you've mentioned. There are Vertues, Folkboats, Kingfishers, Contessas and a host more plying the seas after a successful conversion. The wonderful array of boats in the Jester Challenge, Annie's SibLim (under construction) are further examples of the type, and I feel as Graham does: there may be reasons why a particular boat doesn't warrant a conversion (layout below decks or existing classic rig), but the vast array of successful conversions suggests that there are solutions to any problems a particular boat may present. 

    I'm sure that you'd find enough support from the likes of Arne, David and others who have made a plethora of junk rigs for a wide range of hulls to be confident that a well-executed conversion would be a success. 

    Go for it! :-)

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  • 12 Feb 2017 22:11
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    Generally speaking, if it is a sailing boat, then it can be propelled by any sort of sailing rig, so the answer is a qualified yes.  There may be some reasons why a particular boat will be less suitable than others, mostly due to layout etc, (mast placed in the only suitable bunk area perhaps).  Best thing to do is locate a boat you like, get some photos, or better yet drawings of it, and post them here.  You'll get lots of practical advice then.  However, I'd wager a bet that if you find a boat that has the criteria you seek, converting it to junk rig will be reasonably straightforward.

  • 12 Feb 2017 22:03
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    Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have read much of what is available here on your wonderful website over the past few months, and first let me say thank you for all of it. 

    And I do have several questions. The first is the big one: is it possible to convert ANY boat to junk rig? I am convinced I would like to have a small sized junk rigged boat as my first, as I am 66 and have little experience on the water. But I am by nature more like Spock than Dr. McCoy, that is, logical, and I love the logic of the junk rig. I have been looking at boats for sale in the U.S. for several years now, and I very rarely see one. But I run across a lot of boats the design of which fit my other criteria for a boat, (25-30 ft LOA, shallow full keel for starters) and hence my question. 

    Thank you,

    Bob Shannon

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