Trip to New Zealand

  • 20 Apr 2017 10:40
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    In spite of flight delays, 37 hours underway from Canada, I was able to get to the AGM at Mcleod's Cove, Whangarei, on the 7th, in time for the AM on the 8th. Not sure how much of me was present with jetlag and all. It was great to meet the folks I know only from their postings.

    I made some suggestions at the meeting concerning investing in teaching and illustration of the junk rig for newcomers but I will expand on that at a later time.

    The weather, though part of a recent wet history cooperated enough to get a taste of sailing other junks, namely Pete Hill's ORYX and David Tyler's FOOTPRINTS. Pete's aero rig, the first I'd ever seen was very interesting. And, I've been hoping to see FOOTPRINTS up close for a long time.

    My hosts were Maren and Rob Prince. Many thanks to them for taking good care of me. Their home at McLeod's Bay has a splendid view that reminded me of the Virgin Islands.

    Of course, my trip would not have been complete without a visit to Annie's SibLim project. It's bigger than I imagined. No wonder it seems to get bigger with time! Splendid job! Meticulously done. It's going to turn out to be noteworthy boat. I'll post some pictures when I get them sorted out.

    She's an inspiration to get my own project in the water!

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