Thank you JRA junkies

  • 21 Oct 2018 09:15
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    I looked at the time that this was posted, 0351 UT, and thought "there's keen, even if he's got a newly refurbished boat!". Then I looked at the Cardiff HW time this morning, 0519 BST, and understood why. Have a good sail, Nick!

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  • 21 Oct 2018 03:51
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    I just wanted to say a public "Thank You" to all the JRA members who helped me with great ideas and advice earlier this year. The works to my boat are completed for this year and she is back on her mooring in Cardiff with a new name. TAO.  Chinese meanings, the way or path and the underlying essence of the universe and nature. Please check out the photos in the profile albums.

    Works, mostly diy, have included but not been limited to:

    Hull repairs and keel sole by welding in new steel wherever needed, new homemade  cockpit locker tops now secure and watertight, rebuilt and repair Kiwi feathering prop,  homemade new rudder, coach roof to deck join repairs, sections of plywood coach roof replaced, anchor locker drainage now into catch tank not bilges, new forward hatch, new 4 inch cockpit drains, additional and modified bilge pump arrangements, new home made windpilot remote control, homemade tiller extension, modifications to the electrical layout, new alternator, new revcounter, new battery monitoring system and solar panels, lots of cleaning, sanding and painting all over.

    Without the ideas, advice and support of contributors to my original thread "bond plywood to steel", I doubt I would have had the confidence or knowhow to tackle a lot of this. So, if you are pondering and junk project or problem, go ahead and ask. The JRA knowledge and ideas pool is vast and deep and friendly. As I found out there are no dumb questions just opportunities to learn from others in a friendly and supportive community.

    II am very excited to be afloat at last and looking forward to some bright and crisp winter sailing in the Bristol Channel. See you all out there, got to go to catch a tide now!

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