Sailplans - in current use

Sunbird "90's" Rig

Designed by Alan Boswell to Sunbird Marine specifications. A mixture of the Reddish and Fenix rigs for inshore and offshore yachts. It is varied in detail to suit all boat sizes from 9' inflatables to 70' three-masted schooners.

Hasler/McLeod Rig with transitional panel and cambered lower panels. Shown is the flat, barrel-shaped panel method advocated by Arne Kverneland.

A fanned sail

Designed by David Tyler in 2002 for 'Tystie'

A 'Split Rig' sail

Designed by Slieve McGalliard for his boat Poppy.

Fantail sailplan jpg
A fanned sail

Designed by David Tyler for Annie Hill's Fantail. Not as pronounced a fan as Tystie's (above right).

Soft wingsails

Designed by David Tyler.

Hasler/McCleod rig
This rig represents the ultimate development by the Hasler Mcleod partnership.  Later developments have resulted in rigs that have much improved windward efficiency, but some cruising sailors still prefer this rig, valuing simplicity and low cost over ultimate windward performance.

A modern schooner rig, with 3 cambered panels and a transitional panel in each sail, giving an extra batten in the heads of the sails to better support them in heavy weather.

AeroJunk Rig  Designed by Paul McKay for his boat Miranda.

A Sunbird 90's sail with cambered panels

Derek Van Loan's planform, still finding favour with some builders, who perceive aerodynamic benefits in its low yard angle and the ease of cambering all the panels except the top panel.
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