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Boats For Sale

Apollo Duck is a worldwide website on which junk rigged boats can be found.

Sunbird Marine Brokerage is Robin Blain's specialist junk rig boat sales site.

Take a look at our own Swap, Sell, Buy forum.

Composting Heads - Commercial

Air Head Dry Toilet  -  'A workable system for small to medium sized boats, giving even pocket cruisers the independence of a large vessel.' 

Nature's Head - Marine  'This composting toilet is completely self-contained, and can safely be used while cruising as well as in anchorages and in marinas. This is a no-hassle solution to a long-standing problem for cruisers, for racers, and for weekend boaters. Designed specifically for the tough marine environment, this unit will stand up to years of trouble-free service.' - USCG Certified

Composting Heads - DIY

Ecovita Privy Kit 
- For a DIY composting head. "The Privy Kit, a urine-diverter that makes constructing your own composting toilet or improving an existing latrine easy!"

The Humanure Handbook - "The Humanure Handbook is our best-selling title! Over 40,000 sold in the U.S alone. Third edition published September 2005, 255 pages, 19 photos, 42 tables and charts, 55 drawings, indexed. ISBN 978-0-9644258-3-5." Download the E-book for only $10 (paypal and credit cars accepted.)

Humanure Compost Toilet System Instruction Manual by Joseph Jenkins. Download as PDF - (44Kb)

Member Shemaya Laurel has a DIY separating composting head, which he wrote about in a JRA post here.


Thanks to Simon Kibblewhite for the drogue links. - Ed.

U.S.Coast Guard Report - Series Drogue - "Investigation of The Use of Drogues To Improve The Safety of Sailing Vessels" (Statement, Table of Contents, List of Illustrations.) 

In Lin & Larry Pardeys' archives there's a  note on Series drogue retrieval - Can They Work Like Para-anchors?  

Drogues  - Commercial

The Jordan Series Drogue 'is a safety device designed to prevent the capsize and damage of both monohull and multihull sailing yachts and other vessels operating in the open ocean, in the event of a 'worst case' breaking wave strike, as well as improving the motion of the boat in storm waves and to reduce drift.' Click here for a pdf about it, and here for a letter from Donald Jordan explaining load factors.

Click here for Oceanbrake Series Drogues.

Drogues - DIY
David Lynn, of Nine of Cups , writes a voluminous and detailed technical article on DIY series drogues suitable for various boats.

Sailrite Series Drogue Kits 
are available for different boat sizes.

Series Drogue Construction - Make Your Own Series Drogue Sea Anchor YouTube video.  (DIYers may want to jot down dimensions at the beginning of the vid. Drogues vary in line size and cone number; cones always remain the same size. - Ed.)

Wally Bryant has a detailed DIY Jordan-style series drogue project with good pictures and text. Pelican rope is mentioned.

Epoxy Resins


UK Epoxy Resins -
 "Epoxy Resin from a UK company our aim is to supply you the boat builder with the highest quality "epoxy resin" at the lowest price supplying both professional and amateur builders with our own manufacture 2 to 1 ratio epoxy resin system for all applications."


RAKA Inc. -
 A full line of epoxy resins, fiberglass cloths, fiberglass tapes, Kevlar, carbon, marine paints. Small shop=low overhead. Located in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Telephone 772-489-4070 or email: larry@raka.com

FGCI - Fiberglass Coatings Inc. -
 "Fiberglass Coatings, Inc. offers a wide array of products such as abrasives, acrylics, adhesives, caulks, catalysts, epoxies, fiberglass, fillers, foams, gelcoats, polyesters, putties, reinforcements, releases, solvents, tools and much more. Products are available in many sizes and quantities. We also do custom color matches of gelcoats."

West Systems describe their epoxy mix ratios here.


The Flag Company - 'The Flag Company, Inc. carries the largest supply of flags on the web. Our expansive inventory includes all types of the American flagstate flagscountry flags, and even pirate flags. If you're looking for flags of the world, we have every country.' They also do flagpoles in aluminimu or fibreglass - look in the  Flagpole Pages

Folding Dinghies - Commercial

K-2 Stowaway - 'The versatile family sailing dinghy.' 

Porta-Bote - 'The World's Most Portable boat. Over 90,000 in use worldwide.'

ShoreBase features a Prout Puffin, a semi-collapsible dinghy.

Seahopper  from Wellington, Somerset UK is 'the world's no.1 foldaway sailing and rowing boat!'

Folding Dinghies - DIY

The Barquito folding dinghy - A folding dinghy/rowboat from the gang at Duckworks Magazine.

Craft a Craft's Flapdoodle - is a 'no-nonsense rigid hardwood and ply 8 foot folding classic dinghy designed as a sail boat with a centerboard/daggerboard and flip-up rudder'.

The Micro folding dinghy is one of Matt Layden's early folding dinghies; 1/4" (6mm) plywood, cloth hinges, vinyl ends. The site had offsets and sketches.

Wooden Widget has plans for the Origami, a 6' or 8' folding dinghy; Stasha, a nesting dinghy, and Deckster, a hard dink stowable around the mast.

Foulweather Gear

Grundens is 'The Professional Choice in Foulweather Gear since 1926' - Grundens USA, LTD  •  PO Box 2068  •  Poulsbo, WA 98370  •  800.323.7327  

LED Bulbs - DIY


Bebi Electronics -  Savusavu, Fiji - Affordable and reliable LEDs for the do-it-yourselfer.

Captain's Chandlery is their Australia (Queensland) distributor.

Cruising Essentials is their New Zealand distributor. 

LSACbravehost is their New Caledonia distributor. (The site's a bit spotty.) Contact: Mr. Luc Callebaut


Hot Wire is Bebi's USA distributor.

iPad Gear

GPSCITY and RAM Mounting Systems for iPad mounting systems.

Try Googling 'waterproof iPad mounts' - pulls up sites like this.

Mast Database

JRA members Daniel Collins, Mark Thomasson and Annie Hill have compiled a mast specifications database from data members entered in their membership profiles. You can download this Excel spreadsheet here. Of course any database is only as good as the data entered into it. Daniel, Mark and Annie did their best, but neither they nor the JRA can warrant its accuracy.

Masts - Alloy

Australia  (Welland, South Australia)

Federation Flags & Flagpoles - 
"We spin taper our flagpoles with state of the art machinery, designed and built in-house. We also heat treat the alumuinum poles in-house. This means that we have complete control over the manufacturing process, which enables us to guarantee the quality of the product as well as maintain the shortest possible manufacturing lead times for special orders." SEE: Flagpoles and Decorative Lamp Posts (Heavy on PR, very light on specifics. - Ed.)
Telephone: +61 8 8346 5655 (24 hours)
Facsimile: +61 8 8346 9503
Mobile: 0412 44 5043
Email: service@flagpoles.com.au - Ask for Ian Schmidt 

Canada (Toronto)

Flagpoles can be purchased through Ewing Flagpole. 'Ewing offers a complete line of flagpoles, banner poles, nautical poles and specialty poles fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze and fiberglass materials – designed by professional engineers and fabricated by expert craftsmen in our modern plant facilities.'

Valmont - 'Leader français dans le domaine de l’Eclairage Public et fort de 30 années d’expérience, Valmont France est le fabricant de mobilier urbain doté d'outils industriels à la pointe de la technologie, d'hommes de métier et d'un vrai savoir-faire reconnu dans le monde entier. (Complètement en Français. Débrouillez vous vous-même - Le Edituer des Links)
Netherlands (Utrecht)

Nedal Aluminum - sells a wide variety of extrusions and 'lighting columns' (tapered poles.). The 'Boulevard' model is suitable for mast-making.


Peter Scandling reported (August 2103) that "Lighting Supplies in Sterling can supply an 11.6 m aluminium tapered pole for £450, 200 mm at the base and 76 mm at the top, wall thickness 3.3 mm all the way up."

Paul Fay reported (August 2013) that "... street lamp post manufacturer Fabricat who are in Nottingham make tapered lamp posts and are happy to alter them for use as masts. The masts on our Ti Gitu were made by them and although it took a while for them to be processed through their system the end results are great. Nice taper - additional straight section at the base - hot dip galvanised and then painted. We are really pleased with them. If you need any more info my number is on the Fay Marine website"

Roger Taylor used the firm below when sourcing the masts for Mingming II:

The Aluminium Lighting Company Ltd
Croeserw Industrial Estate
Eastern Avenue
SA13 3PB

Telephone: 01639 852502
Fax: 01639 852263
E: sales@alulight.co.uk

Masts - Fibreglass


American Flag Poles - "Benefits of fiberglass flag poles are exceptional strength, lightweight, capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 120 mph (unflagged). Excellent in salt water and lake areas, virtually maintenance free!" 

Masts - Spartite Equivalent

A Generic Spartite equivalent - Wally Bryant of s/v Stella Blue describes a mast re-sealing job in exhaustive detail using a lcost-effective solution. 

Rig Conversions and Designs

Alan Boswell of Boswell YachtDesign, the designer behind Sunbird Yachts and Sunbird Marine Services and lattery head of design for Oyster Marine is returning to the freelance life. Alan has designed over 250 junk rigs for conversions of existing boats. Contact boswellyachtdesign.com or at The Corn Barn, Shotley Hall Barns, Church Walk, Shotley, Ipswich, IP9 1DN, UK, Tel +44 (0) 1473 788790.

Robin Blain, Sunbird Marine Services
373 Hunts Pond Road, Titchfield, FAREHAM, Hants, PO14 4PB, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1329 842613 / Fax:+44 (0)1329 315232 / Email

Michael Kasten is a yacht designer who is keen on junk rig:



Sailrite - Sailcloth, Sunbrella, tapes, sewing machines, notions.

Rochford Supply is a t
extile and marine fabric and upholstery superstore. Products include Oddysey III
Topyssey and Top Gun.



Michele Stevens Sailloft Ltd. -  - 4th Generation Sailmaker; Makers of Mainsail for Famous Bluenose II
1602 Second Peninsula Road
Box 507, Lunenburg, NS Canada B0J 2C0
902-634-9338 phone
902-634-8665 fax
Email: mstevens@tallships.ca


Sebastian Hentschel Segelmacherei Tuchwerkstatt

Salinenstraße 20      

17489 Greifswald


E-Mail: ahoi@tuchwerkstatt.de

Sebastian's site now has a section in English. Sebastian speaks and writes English well. He and his mate Nora are known for their grand JR Sloop Peregrine.


Chris Scanes


Unit 1, Topsham Units, Dart Business Park, TOPSHAM, UK EX3 0QH

From 5/9/2013 www.exesails.com

Tel: +44 (0)1392 876109 or from 5/9/2013 01392 874449

Email: scanes110@btinternet.com  or from 5/9/2013 



Dabbler Sails Sole proprietorship with experience of making junk sails.

Dabbler Sails
PO Box 235
Wicomico Church, VA 22579
ph/fax 804 580 8723
Email: dab@crosslink.net

Tad Roberts, says member Daniel Collins, is "an excellent and deeply knowledgeable 'junkie' with many talents including boat and sail design." Tad designed the rig for Dan's Aletheina, our Boat of the Month August 2013.

Traveller Systems (Sheets)

One of our members (Roy Denton) made such an impression on Barton Marine re replacing the sheet traveller systems on his Freedom Ying Zhou's junk conversion. Good to hear of a company taking a real interest.

Windvane Self-steering

The Cape Horn windvane from Cape Horn Marine Products

The Monitor windvane is from Scanmar International 

Flemmings' mechanical self-steering is from here.

Hydrovane's windvane site is here     

Windpilot's servo pendulum self-steering gear fits most transoms. The site includes a free download of 'SELF-STEERING UNDER SAIL - Autopilots and Wind-steering Systems by Peter Christian Förthmann'

       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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