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  • 14 Nov 2017 15:44
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    Thanks for your thoughts David, I think as you say with a centre cockpit, using a wheel is the only way, it's not so much lack of speed in turning, but rather a built in oversteer that has you yawning and overcorrecting, combined with boisterous swells shoving the transom offline. First mod is to mount the wheel facing forward in such a position we can steer with 2hands,and perhaps increase the turns lock to lock to 2,or 2and a half. Any further suggestions welcome! Thanks ks Tony and Sally Ron Glas 

  • 14 Nov 2017 08:33
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    270 degrees of wheel rotation / 33 degrees of rudder rotation (at a guess) would indicate a gear ratio of 8:1; multiply this by the radius of the wheel, 0.325m, and the system is equivalent to a 2.6m tiller, neglecting friction. That would appear to be quite adequate for the size of the boat, so I guess the problem lies in turning the wheel conveniently, and fast enough to counter yawing. I've never liked wheel steering, and this is one of the reasons why - although the gearing seems adequate, it always seems like hard work to manoeuvre at close quarters and to counter yawing. However, with a centre cockpit, there's no alternative to a wheel (except a whipstaff). Some wheels have a knob or grip (like that on a winch handle) on the rim, to aid fast turning - would this help?

  • 14 Nov 2017 07:23
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    Hi all, Ron Glas is now in the Red Sea, en route to India, Inshalla. We have found ourselves sailing constantly down wind in 25to 35 knots with irregular lumpy3metre seas. In open water we use the wind d vane and put up with the knocking g off course  y the following (sometimes) swell. But in many instances we are threading our way through submerged coral reefs with I accurate charts..... So we have taken to ha nd steering a lot. This has shown up some issues

    It is very hard work, Ron Glas is twitchy and it's very difficult to maintain a fair course dead downwind. I THINK we have a pro blem with the steering g system we inherited from Jock

    Rudder Controlled by a tiller 500mm long

    Which  is operated by  cables via a  backward facing wheel!! 650mm in diam

    Total turns lock to lock is only 1and half turns

    Bigger wheel? More turns lock k to lock? Longer control tiller?

    Would appreciate  any Input.

    Assume the sails are Balanced

    Thanks Tony and Sally Ron Glas 

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