Corribee 21 - Bilge Keel Size, Nylon 6 Shoes

  • 24 Dec 2017 04:37
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    Hello Andrew,

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with keel shoes. Even grounding on gravel shouldn't harm them. I won't do anything to the keels of my Coromandel until I suspect damage.

    If I were wanting more protection for the keels, or were repairing existing wear, I would abrade to a rough surface underneath, and laminate on layers of glass with epoxy, shape and seal that, then prime and antifoul. But there's a healthy thickness of GRP already.

    An alternative would be to shape and attach sacrificial hardwood shoes with sikaflex, then prime and antifoul. (mehitabel's rudder has one.)

    A slippery plastic like nylon, I would only consider if I wanted to skid the boat around on her keels routinely. It won't glue. Drilling for attachments down there, opening holes into the encapsulated ballast... not a good idea; or if done and sealed very well, a very big job in an awkward place.

    The keel-shoe question has come up in the Corribee/Coromandel Yahoo discussions, and my comments concur with others there.

    Best of luck and cruising, Kurt

  • 12 Dec 2017 14:59
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    Hi all

    Long time no speak from me as I've been travelling and working. I got my boat to Greece last year, and there it sat. I'm spending a full summer next year and have a few jobs planned before I get it in the water.

    1st are keel shoes. I was thinking of somehow attaching nylon 6 strips cut to size to the keels. Does have anyone have any advice on this? If it's a fair idea, can anyone recommend how to attach to the bottom of the keels, ideally without screwing into the keel as that would just cause a point of ingress in the future. The nylon is only about £60-75 and may help prevent wear in the future, not that I plan on grounding it anyway.

    2nd is the keel size. The boat is Trivial Pursuit if anyone can remember it, I can't remember which MK it is and I forgot to measure them before I left. However the following site reports the length at 1150mm which sounds about fair. Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks all.


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