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  • 03 Apr 2018 12:24
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    In this size of rig, the Barton low friction/high load rings can be used for the upper sheet blocks and the YHP and LHP.

    60452 for 6mm braid YHP and LHP

    60453 for 8mm sheet plus 4mm sheet span.

    Barton size 3 blocks for 8mm halyard and lower sheet blocks

  • 03 Apr 2018 11:55
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    The wraps have come off of our 1954 YM junior which is under restoration.

    The first job this year is to sort out the trailer that fell to bits when we moved it to the yard. one of my friends Dave has taken it upon himself to sort all the hardware out, so we have new suspension new hitch and new rollers.

    During the winter a new junk sail was made for the boat in Germany and first look in the sail bag are extremely favourable. 

    Now we have several projects on the go so time is short and I do need help from members, please.

    I need to put together a shopping list for blocks for the new rig and I would appreciate any suggestion on the size and make that come forward.

    overall length is 13 feet 6 inches 


    Pete j   

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