Plant pot mast cone....

  • 31 Oct 2018 09:15
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    Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?

  • 30 Oct 2018 19:24
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    Hi All,

    I recently bought a Newbridge  Coromandel as my first foray into junk rig sailing. When investigating an old repair in the deck cone I was gently coercing some of the old fiberglass and old inverted plant pot dropped out of the cone. The plant pot had been fashioned as a deck cone repair (with the addition of some fibreglass) by a previous owner......  I guess they had been looking for something about the same size as the cone in their garden, spotted the plastic plant pot and thought 'that'll work!''

    I am now wondering what other garden related repairs there may be on my boat. The tiller looks more like an old pick handle than it used to.....

    I have had some great advice from fellow Coromandel owners Richard and Kurt on the repair which is fantastic.  What I am wondering is: Does the top of the cone take any stress at all or is all the stress taken between the mast, the chocks and the deck? This will be important for my repair. I want to make it really, really strong in the right places.

    Any comments would be great.  Any suggestions on how to make this area super strong (with out inverted plant pots..) would also be much appreciated. 

    I still have the the plant pot. Perhaps I could put it on the 'Swap, sell or buy page'. First come first served!



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