North Sea charts wanted

  • 11 Jun 2021 00:04
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    Paul thanks for both of yours. Almost unbelievably I bumped into a couple this afternoon who have just made the trip that I'm proposing, and have offered me all of their charts. The Imray that you describe look good for passage planning and the big picture - theirs are in the folio form which I've not used before. I'll message you if anything goes awry with that plan! Thanks again,


  • 09 Jun 2021 20:59
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    Pol, are you familiar with Imray charts. For passage making and backup for Navionics they have much to recommend them. 4 charts will get you from Harwich to Inverness ;they have harbour plans included, so less need for pilot book, you can buy them online, no postage/returning hassle, less weight/space required. I used them for delivery trips because of the convenience/weight/space in hand luggage.As I said the offer of the Admirality charts still stands. Paul

  • 09 Jun 2021 19:48
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    Pol, I may have something to help you out. Found 28 charts sitting on my shelf from Dover to Scotland cica 1980-90. To avoid clogging this thread can PM you with Admiralty Numbers? Paul

  • 09 Jun 2021 09:48
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    Following my recent one (which Wild Apricot could not allow me to edit) I should add that I am used to using ancient Admiralty charts so, with updates by way of two different electronic nav aids I am not too worried about using old charts as long as they are reasonably clear.



  • 09 Jun 2021 09:26
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    Is this the best place to ask to borrow charts? I am planning a passage from Essex to Inverness shortly, arriving there all being well in early July. This is likely to be a one-off for me as we keep the boat on the west coast. Would anyone be willing to lend charts or pilot books for this trip? I have a few promised already, being Admiralty 1190, 1408, 2182, 1192, 1407, 1409. I'll be using Navionics on my Android phone as well as the chart plotter fitted to the boat (a first for me), but won't go anywhere willingly without the paper chart. The boat promises to be dry and has a full-sized chart table so the charts will be well looked after.

    I can arrange collection and delivery of charts, together with an appropriate "thank you" to anyone who is able to oblige.


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