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  • 24 Dec 2021 22:04
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    Hi Cody,

    I posted on the Facebook forum but will comment here as well.

    Do not weld repair a tempered aluminium section, you will reduce the strength by up to 50% if you do.

    The best alternative is probably an internal or external sleeve about 10% longer than the mast both above and below the damaged area. If the two pieces are slid together and sealed at the bottom then the gap can be injected full of low viscosity epoxy, which will marry the two parts together and give you a mast stronger than the original. If you use an outside sleeve the join at the top can be smoothed with an epoxy and fiberglass bandage, faired and painted.

    All the best with the project, she looks like a great boat.


  • 24 Dec 2021 20:03
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    Hello all! I've been interested in and learning about JR for a long while but just recently took over ownership of Lady Arwen, A Junk Rigged Rawson 30 (which I actually became aware of through a post on this page a few months ago). I'm extremely excited to begin the endless learning and tinkering process that I know this boat/rig will bring. However, I'm in need of some expert advice right now. After purchasing the boat, the person that I hired to ship the boat from Long Beach to Portland, OR ended up damaging the mast when he was at the boatyard. I won't bore you with details of the hows, but basically he was cutting a poured-in substance around the mast at the partners (which was apparently a very dense substance) with a sawzall and ended up cutting a couple of gouges into the mast. The mast wall thickness is a quarter inch and it is hard to tell from the pics how deeply it is cut into (I haven't seen it in person yet either) but the shipper tells me they are no deeper than 1/8 inch. Yikes. So, any advice from experienced folks out there? My longer term solution is to work on replacing the mast entirely, but is there a short term solution anybody would like to offer up? Having an experienced aluminum welder fill the gaps? Cut the mast shorter by about a foot, thus lowering the damaged area into the "bury" and out of the partners? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I also posted this on the "International Junk Rig Sailing old and new" Facebook forum. 

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