These are the polar performance diagrams for Weaverbird HB, a Hunter Duette 23 with a hinged batten junk rig.

The codes after the boat name in the title indicate what filtering has been applied.

S7 means any data points where the wind speed drops by more than 0.7 knots per second are omitted

A64 means that any data points where the wind direction changes by more than +6 degrees or -4 degrees per second are omitted

Avg3 means that the speed shown is the average of the top three boat speed values recorded for each wind direction and wind speed

No correction has been made on these results for downwash affecting the wind sensor, which was placed on the quarter of each boat, which may be why the upwind performance of some of the boats is better than would normally be expected. Results which will have an arbitrary 10 degree correction at 35 degrees, tapering off to 0 and 70 degrees, will be added shortly. These will have a code C70D10 attached.

No adjustment has been made for the length and sail area/displacement ratios. 

First the smoothed curves.


and then with no smoothing,

and then for each wind speed with both smoothed and unsmoothed curves.