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Featured Boat

February 2023     Golden Wind

By Andreas & Margit Vogt

Golden Wind  is a Liberty 23 Special, designed by David Thomas

in 1993.

She is the result of years of searching for the ideal small boat by Jo Schäuble. Since her construction, Jo has travelled extensively with his wife Do. Jo is an extraordinary person; sailor, Buddhist, artist & friend. He wrote a lot about the voyages with Golden Wind and also about her sail - too much to show here, just one page with the interior layout.

I told Jo about this article to feature as “Boat of the Month” and he was happy hearing about this. And then he wrote a small anecdote about the building/designing of Golden Wind. Here`s what he wrote (as Google translates from German: “Yes, what a pity that Robin and David are no longer alive. Maybe Steven Fawcett or Scott Moodie who built the Golden Wind, with David dropping in almost every day with new plans and drawings, myself over there more often. Of course I paid for the 2 boys, as David called them, but - as you know - when I asked David the price of his work, he said: he couldn't possibly ask for money for something he had enjoyed so much. Of all his many designs, it is the ship that he likes best”

At first we planned to convert our Westerly Konsort to a junk, but the cost was out of proportion - she had worked well as she was. We had 14 wonderful years in England with mud & tide at the Benfleet Yacht Club. English sailors are very special. We were able to experience this also at the JR meetings. It was clear, our next boat must have a junk sail - Annie Hill with her book had infected us... We had met several JRA sailors in England and then also met Jo and his wife Do in Germany. I accompanied Jo on Golden Wind several times and was impressed by the seaworthiness of the little ship - really awesome! Jo had spent over 20 years making her better and better.

After we took her over in the fall of 2017, we completely overhauled her in several stages (the hull needed it after many thousands of sea and river miles) - the Rammin shipyard in Barth gave her a great overall paint job. Sebastian Hentschel from the Tuchwerkstatt in Greifswald sewed a very nice, well-working sail for us.

This summer we made a nice trip in the Mediterranean Sea from Tuscany to Corsica and back via Elba. Before that we have been sailing in Croatia, Denmark and the North & Baltic Sea and also here in Stuttgart on the Neckar. Since Golden Wind has bilge keels and a daggerboard, she is easy to transport on her trailer and we can also slip her ourselves. She winters near us at Bootscenter Kiessling.

Here are some data: Golden Wind is 6.98m long and 2.2m wide, draft is 0.5 - 1.4m. The foldable mast is made of carbon. All lines can be operated from the wheelhouse comfortably and protected. Night cruising is much more pleasant as a result. Her only disadvantage is that she floats easily like a cork on the water and is very "lively", even fully loaded. The smaller the boat,...

We look forward to many trips with her!

A big thanks to the JR Association for their years of work - we are always very happy to see all the reports and articles. A special Cheers to Robin Blain! With his kind humorous and warm nature, his immense expertise and dedication, we will remember him as a special person.

[Ed: Readers should refer to the “Hall of Fame” article on 

Jo Schäuble, published in the JRA magazine #78,

also accessible on line from the Hall of fame archive via the lJRA website home page, or use 

this link.

It’s one of Graham Cox’s best

in a remarkable series].

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