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Formed in 1979 at the Southampton Boat Show by a group of junk rig enthusiasts, the JRA (Junk Rig Association) is for its members and about their boats and their rigs. We aim to: promote the use of the junk rig by encouraging members to organise 'rallies' and 'junkets' (see About Us) and via our tri-annual Magazine and this site; encourage the development of junk and related rigs, the building or conversion of boats to the junk rig, and the use of vessels with the rig or its derivatives; create an international community of people who've already 'junked' their boat, are thinking of doing so, or are just interested in learning what it's all about.  

About the Junk Rig

The 3D model below and video give a little information about how the junk rig works, and about what many consider to be its greatest advantage - the ability to reef quickly and efficiently without, in most instances, leaving the safety of the cockpit or purchasing the expensive kit that bermudan rig boats use to achieve the same result.  Further models, a glossary of Junk Rig terms and a larger version of the video can be found under Junk Information - About the Junk Rig.

Where are we based?

We were formed in the UK, and although our 'office' address and banking remains in the UK we are run by an increasingly international Committee via the Internet. A number of posts become vacant every year, at the AGM, so if you choose to join you could also put your name forward to help run the 'club'. It doesn't run itself. Our membership is now more than 50% outside the UK. Click the chart for detail.

Featured Boat

April 2021 "5" (Corribee 21 Mk.2) by Mark Bexon

After a 4-year gap from any regular sailing my 2019 New Year Resolution was acquire a suitable boat and sail around as much of our islands coastline as my skill and courage would allow.

By April I was on the point of purchasing a Swallow BayCruiser 20 when I was persuaded that “you must have a keel” for this project.  

Thankfully when I explained this the seller graciously agreed and suggested I look at a Corribee 21.

He had once owned one and could recommend them for offshore work and pointed out that I may be able to find one for around 10% of the price of the Swallow.  

Further light research and I was convinced the Corribee was the right boat and further YouTube exposure to MingMing convinced me a Junk Rig was the right format for my solo-sailing aspiration.

Through the Corribee website I located “5” under cover in deep middle Germany.  

The owner had also been attracted to Roger Taylor’s design and had modified her accordingly with a pilot’s hatch, 800 Litres of bagged polystyrene sealed into the lazaret and the forepeak and equipping her with a Windpilot, all set for single handed adventure done with Teutonic build quality.

He sailed her to Madiera in 2017/8.

“5” was built around 1983/4 by Newbridge Boats as a junk rigged, bilge keeler. 

All was in very tidy condition apart from the antifouling which was showing at least 3 different colours and some slight sign of osmosis.  

A very thorough bead blasting, fresh Copper-coating and re-stepping the tapered aluminium mast was completed by Peter Leonard Marine of Newhaven.

“5” is home berthed at Brighton Marina.

Sadly due to the virus I have been unable to sail her since mid-December and have only logged about 30 hours under sail since she was launched in August.

We have been out in winds up to around 20Kts with 1.5-2 meter seas, so not really testing.

I did however manage a Chinese gybe which had the sea briefly flood over the cockpit combing but she flicked smartly back in an indignant way.

 In light airs she is a piglet and extremely reluctant to tack at under 2.5Kts. 

I don’t know how much of this is the effect of the bilge keel or the sail and/or my inexpert trimming. 

In wind over 8Kts she sails nicely although with a tendency to weather helm in over 18-20Kts which largely corrects with a slab or two reefed.

The best VOG I have seen touched 7.8Kts, running down a nice little swell.  

I will initially passage plan using 3.5Kts.

This is my first experience with a junk rig or a bilge keel and I’m sure performance will improve as we learn how to sail together!

Vital Statistics

Length over all           20ft 9”
Waterline                  16ft 3”
Draft                         2ft 2”
Displacement laden    2000 Lbs (est.)
Cabin Headroom        5ft 10” in Pilot hatch,
                                4ft 8” below
Berths                       2
Plumbing                   none
Electrics                    Depth,
                                80w PV,
                                LED lighting
Sail                           Tilting yard,
                                Flat panels, dacryon-type,
                                approximately 198 sq. ft

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  • Download Arne Kverneland's pdf [987 Kb] 'Junk Rig for Beginners' in English or French. Arne has put much thought and energy into developing cambered panel rigs. This article - one of many which you can find here - goes back to basics. It's a great read before you tackle something just as essential - Hasler/McLeods' bible Practical Junk Rig.
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