The Junk Rig Hall of Fame

From time to time we post, in the Join In forum, suggestions for projects that have been suggested by or which might be of interest to members, together with a request for volunteers to create them -  the web team cannot do it all.

One of these was time that we documented people who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the westernised junk rig and/or to the sailing of yachts fortunate enough to carry the world's best cruising rig. What is more, new members may not know the history of the rig or have heard of the characters and boats that helped popularise it.

The indomitable Graham Cox of Cairns in Australia jumped at the chance to take up the challenge of compiling what we decided to call our 'Junk Rig Hall of Fame'. He has long been a collector of clippings and books about our 'heroes' and their boats, and writes superbly, and so was the ideal candidate for the 'job'. He has many more Hall of Fame articles planned: when not sailing between idyllic Pacific anchorages or strumming his ukelele in them - and for as long as Arion's solar panels power his laptop - he aims to produce a new feature for each magazine and the site.

Edited by light-touch Annie Hill and desktop published by Pages wizard Lynda Chidell, they can be downloaded below. On behalf of members and non-members, thank you Graham, Lynda and Annie.

The numbering is not meant to indicate any 'rank order'; it is just the way they popped out of Graham's head. But who could argue with his first choice?

  1  blondie  Blondie Hasler and Jester                        [pdf, 255 Kb] 

  2     Mike Richey and Jester                       [pdf, 227 Kb]

  3    bikk king h of f  Bill King and Galway Blazer   galway blazer h of f  [pdf, 679 Kb]

  4     peter crowther h of f   Peter Crowther and Galway Blazer     galway blazer pc h of f [pdf, 167 Kb]

  5        Donald Ridler and Erik the Red         erik the red   [pdf, 760 Kb]

  6        Mike Ellison & Ilala                          erik the red   [pdf, 570 Kb]

  7        Brian Platt & High Tea                      erik the red   [pdf, 588 Kb]

  8        Tom Colvin & Gazelle, etc.                erik the red   [pdf, 315 Kb]

  9         Annie Hill  & Badger, Fantail.                   [pdf, 1.44 Mb]

  10       Jock McLeod &  Ròn Glas.              [pdf, 488 Kb]

  11       David Tyler &  Tystie.                  [pdf, 856 Kb]

  12       Arne Kverneland & Johanna, etc.      [pdf, 932 Kb]

  13       Pete Hill & Oryx, etc.                     [pdf, 1,479 Kb]

  14        Alan Martienssen & Zebedee.     [pdf, 15 Mb]

  15        Sir Henry Pigott & Glory II.        [pdf, 7.5 Mb]

  16        Chris & Jess Bray & Teleport.        [pdf, 7.5 Mb]

  17        Roger Taylor and Mingming etc.     [pdf, 3.5 Mb]

  18       Kris Larsen and Kehaar.       [pdf, 2.8 Mb]

 19       Shirley Carter and Speedwell.       [pdf, 20.4 Mb]

20       Hans Schaeuble and Golden Wind.       [pdf, 16.2 Mb]

       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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