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  • Double cone hinges for use in 38mm OD x 34mm ID GRP tube. The ends of the tubes are reinforced with circumferential fibres - either biaxial tape, or cloth cut on the bias, or glass tow.
  • Crinkly leach, bendy battens.
  • Upwind F3-F4 one reef
  • Downwind F3-F4.
  • Downwind F3-F4.
  • Boom system for genoa by GARY HOYT (the designer of Freedom Catketches)
  • If you believe the model(?), to get finished profile like the lower you need to start with a profile like the upper.
  • If you believe the model(?), when you start with a profile like the upper you'll actually get a profile like the lower.
  • Junk schooner in the Goulet de Brest on August the 5th. Blue hull white sail.
  • Junk ketch next to Camaret. Blue hull, creme sails.
  • A configuration of hinge that employs a mainly rolling action between batten and double cone.
  • Fantail, modified luff/throat hauling parrel and yard sling, port tack.
  • Fantail, modified sling and parrel.
  • 12' PD Goose
  • 9ft cat-yawl
  • Pete Hill's take on the AeroJunk rig, fitted to Oryx in December 2015.
  • Mast thumbnail
  • Mast
  • Sail for Paradox
  • Australian yacht with beautifully setting sails, I understand with camber built into the sails using conventional sail making techniques.
  • Partners and wedges on 'Footprints'.
  • Batten pocket end on Footprints showing the foam padding sewn on under webbing which is the darker brown colour.
  • Test of epoxy softening in sun.Each had 27lbs placed in the middle. The back was left in a cool garage, the other two were left in the sun and collapsed. The fabric is grey Mustang.
  • Suggested simple sheeting system with top anti twist span.
  • A French junk on the Rance next to ST Malo
  • Matt's Mariposa see the associated posting here:
  • Sib-Lim work in progress
  • Sib-Lim work in progress
  • Sib-Lim work in progress
  • Table showing estimates of sheet loadings for full sail and reefed 7 panel, 550 sqft junk sail.
  • Sib-Lim by Hampus. Interior layout revision B
  • Sib-Lim by Hampus. Profile revision C
  • GA with some measurements.
  • Paul Bogataj's illustration of the effects of interaction between a mainsail and a jib.
  • Sib-Lim, AKA "The Clog" General Arrangements
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