2013-2014 Rally Reports

This was the first year in which the JRA didn't organise rallies.

As agreed by members in 2012, rallies (small 'r') are now organised by members themselves, who may refer to them as 'rallies', 'junkets', 'get-togethers' or anything else they dream up.

Reports are added here as they come in, and appear in the following issue of the JRA magazine.

Rolling Junket, B.C., Canada [forum post, members only]

Waiheke Junket, New Zealand, April 2013 [pdf, 801 Mb]

AGM junket, Lymington UK, April 2013 [pdf, 432 Mb]

East Coast 2013 [pdf, 381 Mb]

Scottish 2013 [pdf, 529 Mb]

South Coast 2013 [pdf, 1,381 Mb]

East Coast & Scottish 2014 [pdf, 1,369 Mb]

NZ 2014 [pdf, 403 Mb]

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