SV Chineel, Junk-Rig Circumnavigation on YouTube

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  • 04 Nov 2020 12:07
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    But overall, absolutely. It is worth the conversion. For the ease of singlehandling long passages and short. The inherent durability of the rig; battens break or a sail panel tears - lash two battens together if you don't have a spare; mast breaks - you can easily raise a junk sail on half a mast. These kind of things give me some comfort at sea. Not to mention that it is a very sea kindly rig, she heels half as much as a normal rig would.

    For international cruising there are big benefits to being able to use locally available materials. Bamboo makes good battens, nylon rope is a reasonably acceptable solution for the sheets, parrels etc if you must. I made new booms with £30 of construction pine here in Cape Verde. 

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  • 04 Nov 2020 10:09
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    Anonymous wrote:

    I really would like to hear your opinion/experience of the rig type. Worth of conversion? What would you differently? 

    Hey Eero,

    Sure, I definitely have some plans to improve the rig. It is possible to remove the masts yourself using the A-frame arrangement in Practical Junk Rig. For stowing on deck, I would construct a wide gallows for both the fore and main booms, which has space to stow the masts along the edge. My main mast is 11m above the partners, with 2m bury, so if I did that it would stick out a meter fore and aft.

    Another issue is the limited space for the sheets. My plan eventually is to build a fantail deck aft, with a traveler for the mainsheets there. Probably at a position 60cm up and 1.2m aft of the stern rail position where it currently is. The foresheets sometimes catch on the mainsail battens. I made batten pockets in the leech of both sails already, but I plan to make some kind of system of the luff end of the battens to keep them flush with the sail and stop the snagging.

    I am also planning a traveler for the foresheets.

    She did have quite a lot of weather helm, so I canted the foresail forward. I also have plans for a bowsprit and foresail. But I have a long list of priorities before then.



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  • 04 Nov 2020 07:28
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    Interesting stuff. For me this is especially interesting as your boat is quite similar to mine. By dimensions, displacement, material.. goal of the design.

    I am considering converting my boat to a junk rig. The main goal is to achieve easier sailhandling shorthanded. Also shorter mast(s) would be nice as they could be carried on deck while exploring canals etc. I have a hard time making a decision.

    I really would like to hear your opinion/experience of the rig type. Worth of conversion? What would you differently? 



  • 03 Nov 2020 22:39
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    If all that is a bit TL:DR for you, this video explains my short term plans -

  • 03 Nov 2020 20:03
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    I did read the speculation here about Chineel before I bought her 5 years ago. To clear up the details on that - She was built by an ex-RN Engineer, David Goring, and launched 25 years ago. By around 2012 she had lain neglected for about 6 years and was purchased by a couple of surfers and sailed to Corralejo in the Canaries to use as a base for surfing there. 
    The quality of the work they did was mediocre/bad and the maintenance virtually non-existent, so much of my time up until now has been spent rectifying that, and making other improvements. But overall, the construction is good and she handles very nicely in a seaway.

  • 03 Nov 2020 18:58
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    I also made an Instagram, I will try to upload there a bit more too.

  • 03 Nov 2020 18:41
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    Hey Junk-Riggers!
    I'm Jake from SV Chineel, a 36' steel hulled, Bruce Roberts Spray, Junk Rigged Schooner. We are a liveaboard cruising couple with a two year old daughter. Although due to the current situation my girlfriend, Justyna, has had to return to Poland so that she can make more money while her mother helps look after our daughter, Helena.

    Anyway, I'm currently in Cape Verde and will be making a engineless solo passage to Dominica next month. I've recently begun putting more effort into my YouTube channel , so if you want to see the work I've been doing and footage from the upcoming passages, check out our YouTube channel here -

    I plan to focus mostly on the sailing and boat work I am doing. Although there might be some “touristy” videos when my girls are with me.

    I  try upload a video twice a week, and am will be making efforts to improve the quality - I only have a smart phone right now, but we will get a Go Pro when we can, maybe even one day a drone. We eventually plan to circumnavigate, without using the canals, but that is not really our goal. We're just travelling for the sake of travelling and renovating the ship as we go. The channel is about how I am doing that on our extremely limited budget. On that note, one of the reasons I decided to start getting more serious about the YouTube things was that, due to the “situation”, my chartering and AirBnb work is down to nothing, I'm hoping to make some money from the videos, but for that I need to have over 1000 subscribers, so if you want to help us out, subscribing is one of the biggest way you can do that, and I shall try to make it worth your while with good content.

    For me, one of the beauties of a Junk-Rig to me is that there is a lot of scope for personal interruption of the junk rig fundamentals, depending on your cruising plans, hull, and personal preference, this is something I enjoy doing on my own, perhaps not everything I am doing might be the best way for everyone, and I will probably not be active on the forum much outside of this thread. The reason I am doing things the way I am doing them is generally due to our need for durability for blue water sailing, limited budget, and long term goals and priorities.

    That said, I'm happy to answer questions about why I am doing things the way I am doing them either on this thread or in the YouTube comments, and will be linking to this thread from the video's description – I would love to see more people getting interested in Junk-Rig cruising. :)

    Anyway, here's me making a junk-rig boom by hand -

    I put quite a bit of effort into editing that, and I generally am aiming to upload stuff of that quality of better, but with some videos that are just talking about my plans. I currently have only 4 weeks till I plan to set sail, so I may not have as much time to put into videos now as I will in the future, but there will be some.


    Capt'n Jaz (SV Chineel, Cape Verde)

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