CARAVELINA - New JR scow minicruiser

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  • 10 Oct 2019 13:47
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    Hi Kris,

    Great project! Are you planning on double sheets for the foresail? If not, you might want to consider that – otherwise, it looks like other adjustments will be needed to have enough space for the sheet for that sail.

    Wishing you loads of fun with the whole thing!


  • 04 Oct 2019 10:55
    Message # 7917477

    After some 10 years of sailing my 24' Colvic Springtide I decided to build new quite different boat. With the help of professional naval architect I have basics ready. Now I need guidance from JRA regarding the sail plan details. After reading and seeing most of what available on the JRA website, I chose she (my new Dream Boat) will be a two mast schooner with similar sails on both masts. Alike Alouette or Badger. Rather flat with hinged battens. Please see the haul data and my idea regarding rig.

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