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  • 07 Jul 2021 03:12
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    Hi, I don't understand junk rigs but I like the opportunity to take on a project.

    I can't find masts.

    Years ago, I argued that a square sail couldn't sail upwind that well, I was proven wrong. Soon after, on a high power to weight ratio Bermuda 24 footer, we engaged a blow front and 4 foot steep chop. Spinnaker being our squarest sail lead the charge, planing upwind in Gale until line sheer eventually. Without ability to use spinnaker thereafter, we couldn't use full white sails because we'd lost our flexibility with luff!

    About 2 weeks ago, someone mentioned Junk rig, they look perfect, nice flexible luffs between square and point of sloop.

    I don't want to do the work but figure I may as well because a free hull with engine exists and I can budget crane and truck and a year or 2 on hard. She has ketch masts too but aren't stepped as interior and deck and rest of it hasn't been done yet. But she's covered.

    Looking at tube, I can obtain 6 metre lengths and telescopic sleeve to achieve heights but don't really want to. I'd rather uniform a tapered length.

    I don't have Junk Rig formulas but a set of 14 metre 200mm to 150mm tapered mast of 15mm aluminium would weight well being 4.7% of vessel mass including a fore mast of 7metre 150-100mm taper at 7mm wall.

    I like quality too. The vessel is 43 feet length, can be easily arranged within to suit my living space and spare quarters for guests and crew and fits into my berth. I was going to hang back another 0-3 years and buy a used vessel but I'd rather flexibility with luff that Junk Rig offers.

    Stuck on knowledge of sailing Junk Rig too, but wanting to learn, simply can't find mast makers locally whom would build such.

    Any help appreciated.

    Retirement home wanted soon.

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