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  • 19 Nov 2021 17:06
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    Hello David

    Thank you for sharing your new project, it looks very interesting. I like the idea of the table off the middle. Also the mast position. But may I would miss the nav table as my office :-)

    I also like the idea of falling dry and not having a skeg for the ruder (Tystie and Malliemac), have the ruder in line with the keel. But I also don't know how the bilge boards work.

    I never thought about building my own boat. I'm so impatience, shorter projects fit me better, sadly. The time of my boat building is almost 15 years back now. But may I should think about it again…
    When we have been sitting with Annie in the shack with the wood pieces around and the taste of wooden boat building, I was thinking if I may should do it. But right now it feels I have time for nothing :-/ Well back in the rat race in Switzerland. And on the other side I think there are so many boats out there, why not take one already build.

    We are just not sure if 10m are enough for two people, as I need a bit of tools to work.
    We have been thinking of lifting Malliemac’s deck salon roof a bit for some more headroom in the kitchen and toilet area. And may also lengthen the cockpit a foot or so. But its quite a big job and not really the thing you wanna do with a just finished boat. Specially the cockpit story, even its above waterline.

    Would be much easier if we would been closer and the taste of sailing and ocean would be around. For the moment we will wait till spring.
    If Malliemac is still there, we may take another chance. We also should sail her first.

    Keep us updated about your new project.

    Silvio & Patricia

  • 15 Nov 2021 15:35
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    Hello Silvio & Patricia,

    I wonder whether you would be at all interested in building, or having built, a new boat?

    You may have seen that I am in the process of designing a boat that is in the same family as Annie's Fanshi, and of similar size to Tystie and Malliemac - with the big difference that it is for an owner who is 6ft 4in / 1.93m tall and needs good headroom and berth length, as you do.

    The length is 10.1m, the beam is 3.45m and there is a shallow keel and no bilgeboards, so that there is more internal volume. The designed displacement is 6.7 tonnes and the sail area with a single split junk sail is 50 sqm. The layout of the accommodation is similar to that which you have seen on Tystie, but without the full size chart table. This, and the position of the single mast for this rig, allows for 2.1m long double berth and settees. 

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  • 14 Nov 2021 20:24
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    Hello Junk Rig community

    Here Silvio and Patrica, a Swiss sailing couple, boat builder / yacht technician and a teacher, who sailed the oceans for the last couple years on our aluminium monohull.
    New in the JRA we’d like to say hello and drop a line, or two :-)

    Our sailing-journey ended 18 month ago in New Zealand, where maintenance work almost took all our boating motivation. Luckily, we had a positive wooden boatbuilding neighbor, who let us go with positive energy and brought Silvio back the taste of wooden boat building. Thank you, Annie, for having us over for the first sundowner on FanShi, with a amazing introduction into Junk Rigs.
    Never heard about Junk Rigs before, we have been infected of the simplicity of Junk Rig sailing. Even we didn’t have the chance to do some tacks, we have been lucky to visit Gordon on Tystie for an introduction of the rig and hoisting sail.

    With this, we got to know Tystie and loved the bright deck salon design, we also had on our old boat. 

    We left NZ with still owning a boat and the plan to be land-based for a while.

    Back in Switzerland, we tried the land-based lifestyle again. Difficult…
    Finally our boat is sold and the possibilities are open again.
    A hard winter past, followed by a wet summer.
    We are missing the sea and the maritime lifestyle and start thinking about getting a new floating home.

    We heard from the sister ship of Tystie, for sale in the UK, so our interest was awaken. To gain knowledge about Junk Rigs and to read more about Tystie and Malliemac, we joined the JRA.
    Knowing, that Malliemac is sitting in England and waiting for new adventures, we thought this would be the chance for us to get a JR boat.
    Sadly after getting familiar with the dimensions, we realized, we are a little to tall and she may a bit to small for a live aboard couple who still need to work.

    It was a hard decision to call off, as we see Junk Rigs are very rare to find for sale in Europe.
    We are still thinking on and off if we should take the challenge and make Malliemac a little bigger.

    With this we like to ask the community to keep a open eye for a Junk in the 38 feet range, which is open for new owners to set sail again.

    Thanks a lot, Danke schön, Schukran, Grazie Mille et merci.

    Patricia & Silvio


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