Westerly Centaur and junk rig

  • 15 Apr 2022 22:00
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    I had a look through the membership list to see if there were any members who have converted or are converting a Westerly Centaur, and there are at least two, (Obelix and Tamlin). Sakari can go from the Home Page to the "Members' Area" and select "Members' Boats" and from there, search Obelix and Tamelin, and the email addresses of these two members. This might help.

    Laurent Giles and Partners design, over 2,500 built and plenty of information on the internet regarding this design. I guess the approach would be to consider the accommodation layout and decide where a free-standing mast would best be placed, which will be some place through the forward cabin top - and this will in turn decide the type of junk rig which will suit.

    From this review (click here) it seems the boat is a somewhat high-wooded, commodious, fairly shallow draft and beamy vessel, so no surprise also to read that it tends to develop weather helm fairly quickly if not reefed early - and it is not particularly easy to go to the mast to reef - all suggesting that it may well be much improved by converting to junk rig.

    It might bbge possible  to make contact with the owners of Obelix and Tamelin. Many (probably most) members do not follow the forum, and won't have seen Sakari's request - but presumably will respond to an email.

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  • 15 Apr 2022 16:46
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    Deafening Silence.............

        Who has a comparable 26 foot (7.9M) bilge keel boat converted to a junk rig......... Your story may be useful here.

          The Centaur is a nice design (except forward galley), and appears to have a probable mast location adjacent to the bulkhead that divides the V berth from the head.    Bilge keels are a useful feature IMHO for their shallow draft and ability to take the ground even though they do not point as high.  It's also said by some that they do not roll as much.   A nice choice for his intended use I think.... But I'm not impartial   ;-)

  • 09 Apr 2022 15:05
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    I am buying a (new) boat and at the same time i like install a junk rig on it.

    I like small boats and have considered Albin Vega or Westerly Centaur, but here in Scandinavia Centaur is quite unknown (i know Vega quite well). Can anyone help and tell me the pros and cons of junk rigged Centaur and what kind of experiences the junk rig on it.

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