The tangs at the top of the mast

  • 11 Oct 2023 18:48
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    Hi.  Thank you to Mauro and Michael.  Really appreciate your replies.  Thank you for the sketch Michael.  It is really helpful.  Will let you know how I get on.

  • 11 Oct 2023 18:26
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    Hello William,

    my Coromandel Mai Poy has a Sunbird 2006 rig.

    There are 4 attachment points in the masttop:

    a larger one (crane) for the main halyard exactly to the back,

    one eye plate for the two forespans at the front and

    two eye plates at the port and starboard side for the Lazy Jacks and the flag halyards.

    I sadly didn't find a foto but I tried to sketch it ;-)

    All the best for you with your great little ship.


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  • 10 Oct 2023 18:50
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    I hope this link can help you!

    Good luck


  • 10 Oct 2023 18:25
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    I am about to step the mast on my newly acquired Coromandel .  There is a large crane for the halyard and a small tang for the lazyjacks situated at 90 degrees to the crane. Am I right in assuming the small tang goes at 180 degrees due south at the rear of the mast for the ljs, and the crane for the halyard is due west on the yard side of the mast, or have I got it completely wrong?, which is more than possible as I am very confused.

     Please help.

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