Woman missing from Yacht Oryx

  • 24 Jun 2015 09:19
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    My thoughts and sympathies are with Pete and Carly's family.  As has been said before, it's every sailors worst nightmare.  

  • 23 Jun 2015 06:04
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    I sent a message of commiseration to Pete, and this is part of his reply:

    "We set sail from Durban on the Thursday towards Madagascar

    and by Friday morning we were about 50 miles NE of Durban. After breakfast

    together I turned in at 8 o’clock to catch up on my sleep and woke again at 10

    o’clock. The sailors worst nightmare, Carly was no longer on board. The wind

    was blowing westerly at  10 to 12 knots

    with a moderate sea on a clear sunny day and Oryx was sailing at about 5.5

    knots under the self-steering. I dropped the sails and tried an all ships mayday

    on the VHF, but with no replies and no ships in sight. We were 6.5 miles off

    the coast and no mobile phone reception. The Navionics tablet app had been

    running our course so I decided to run back along our track under engine to try

    and find her. I searched until I arrived back at our pre 0800 position and then

    went inshore to call for help by telephone. I contacted the NSRI (National Sea

    Rescue Institute) who started to organise an air and sea search. I went back

    out and started a zig-zag search back along our track. A couple of hours later

    3 helicopters arrived and started a search pattern and shortly afterwards 2

    NSRI rescue boats arrived from Durban, I later found out that there was also a

    light aircraft searching at a higher altitude. At last light the search was

    called off for the night and I went inshore to anchor for the night. The next

    morning I went back out to the track and continued the search heading SW and

    was shortly joined by the two NSRI boats. They had to return to Durban at noon

    because of low fuel while I continued the search until the sun set when I

    sailed back to Durban.

    The NSRI coordinated the search using unprecedented

    resources in a very efficient manner, but we failed to find Carly.

    The only small consolation is that in the last few weeks Carly

    has spent a lot of time with her daughter Irene and more recently with her son

    Dylan, who lives in Durban and especially, much time with her delightful 3 year

    old granddaughter Hannah.

    We will be holding a memorial service for Carly this

    Saturday at the Royal Natal Yacht Club.


  • 22 Jun 2015 22:00
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    This is terrible news, just tragic.

  • 22 Jun 2015 05:43
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    My sympathies to Pete and to you too Annie as well …. due to your closeness to the situation.


  • 22 Jun 2015 00:58
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    I've been hoping against hope and common sense that poor Carly would be found.  I've never met her, but feel that I know her from her blog, which I followed.  I can't begin to imagine the hell that Pete is going through and I was very relieved to hear that he is staying with Carly's son.  At least the family regard it as an accident, which some vile, online trolls, doubt.  Poor Pete will undoubtedly have to be questioned by the police, which is bad enough.  I just hope he never gets to see these horrible comments.

    Pete didn't like lifelines and none were fitted to Oryx.  I suspect that Carly ventured on deck to watch dolphins, or something like that and slipped.  It's every sailor's worst nightmare.  Pete must be absolutely beside himself.  It's the most terrible experience to have to live through and with.

  • 21 Jun 2015 13:25
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    The search by the NSRI has been called off yesterday. It was reported in the SA media that Pete will take Oryx back to Durban. Sadly it would appear that there is no hope of finding Carly. One can only sympathize with Pete and Carly's family for this dreadful and sudden loss.

  • 21 Jun 2015 09:24
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    What dreadful news. Our thoughs are with Pete at this time and our prayers for him and Carley are for a good outcome.

    As someone who still has plans to ocean cruise It is a sobering reminder of the perils we face on such ventures.

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  • 20 Jun 2015 20:51
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    Oh dear. What we all have at the back of our minds, if we sail offshore - one careless move, and suddenly you're in the water, watching your boat sail away.

    All sympathy to Pete.

  • 20 Jun 2015 11:10
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    The person missing is indeed Pete Hill's wife, Carly.  I have seen photos of Oryx in the vicinity in the official SA press release today.  A  friend in Durban has just rung me to say that no sign of Carly has yet been found.  The weather in the photos looks extremely quiet, which adds to the mystery.  Pete was asleep when Carly went missing, waking to find she was not on board.  He remains in the area aboard Oryx, working with the rescue authorities to search.  I am sure the thoughts of all fellow JRA members are with them at this time.

  • 20 Jun 2015 09:20
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    It was with great sadness that I read of a woman missing from Oryx which was six miles offshore having left Durban for Madagascar on Thursday. The skipper was asleep and found that his wife was missing when he woke up. No names are mentioned in the media reports but I guess we all know who the skipper and his wife are.

    The link to the NSRI report is:


    We can only hope for a happy outcome.

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