Looking for advice / designer / boatyard for refit

  • 14 Aug 2020 10:45
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    Dear Mireille 

    I am sure others will know much more but for little I know: I had a PBO (Practical Boat Owner) special magazine edition - published before 2014 (I think) which had a very nice basic summary of boat maintenance. If you search their archive/old copies or email them I am sure they can point you in a right direction. I don't know the exact title. 

    I refitted one of my boats in Mariners Farm - Gillingham, Kent, UK.A very small friendly yard -  could not live aboard. http://www.marinersboatyard.co.uk/

    Currently we are fitting out & living in Southdown Marina, Torpoint PL10 - which is as good as it comes these days. http://southdownmarina.com/

    Hope some of this helps. 


  • 14 Aug 2020 01:41
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    Very best of luck with your refit journey.

    I can't help with your main questions, but I just thought I'd chime in to ask if you know the significance of her name; TaiShan.

    Shan simply means mountain, and Mount Tai in Shandong, China, is hugely important to Chinese people. It's beautiful and majestic and has an extensive temple complex at its base, where you'll find the city of TaiAn.


    Cheers, Matt

  • 13 Aug 2020 11:32
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    I'm at the very beginning of a renovation / refit of a three mast junk rig , Tai Shan: my knowledge is minimal, my long term aim is to get Tai Shan back to sailing, but also use her as a lliveaboard for myself over the next few years, moving around Europe.

    Any recommendations of designers/boatyards would be very useful, at this stage I need to find someone who can provide very expert guidance, ask me the right questions and start refining my very vague and not very technical ideas. Tai Shan is moored at Brighton Marina in the UK at present. 

    Also any recommendations for resources (books,videos etc) about boat design/maintenance: there is so much information available but locating the most useful information is a challenge.

    Thanks in advance,


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