Help needed with JRA Book Scanning

  • 11 Nov 2020 21:02
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Members, 

    We have quite a few books in storage that nobody is borrowing or reading. By scanning them we could put them  online where they would be accessible to all our members worldwide. 

    So I am appealing to all UK members for help with scanning these JRA books. 

    For a limited time we have been given a use of an excellent scanner and laptop - all set-up for book scanning. All you need to do is keep turning the pages and closing the lid! Pete and I did some last winter, does not take that long. 

    I hope that some of you will come forward, especially those of you who said they would be happy to help JRA if / when needed.  During these long winter nights, while in a lockdown it might be nice to do some good work for JRA. 

    For more details and to discuss the logistics  - contact me 

    We count on your help and support. 

    Stay safe and healthy.


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