Anybody here a member of the Junk Rig Yahoo Group?

  • 06 Dec 2020 10:46
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sadly, the same is true for me.

    I doubt there is anything on there that is not on our website and would be useful, but I am not able to get in to the old group to check.  I will keep trying...


  • 06 Dec 2020 02:04
    Reply # 9407672 on 9406046

    It was the place to be till JRA created this website. I haven't looked at the Yahoo group in years.

  • 05 Dec 2020 04:45
    Message # 9406046

    I just went there the other day looking for more info on Bruno Cabroit's Tiguidou, and learned that Yahoo Groups is going away forever on the 14th, and that users have to download content they want to keep before then. I've asked to join the group so I can do that, but no response so far. Can anybody here help?



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