Hasler McLeod editions

  • 18 Jan 2021 09:30
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    Thanks for comments.

    I just received mine for 30€ + 10 porto (ebay UK to Austria).

    Not quality for bibliophile but good enough. Hardback. Really pleasant to read and excellent drawings.


  • 24 Dec 2020 01:15
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    The photos in the hardback are better quality but that's about it. The additional appendix is so brief and lacking in detail its barely worth the inclusion.

  • 23 Dec 2020 13:32
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    André, I don't think there's any practical difference etween the original hardback edition and the paperback reprint, except that the paperback version contains an additional appendix which briefly describes the different variations of junk rig which have emerged in recent years.

    I see there are several on eBay in the UK, offered at prices between £24 and well over £100! Buy the cheapest one.


  • 23 Dec 2020 07:11
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    I am looking for  a "Practical Junk Rig" book for a reasonable price.

    There are major differences in price among the editions.

    Could someone tell me if the are important differences between the editions, apart from aspect, and which should I look for ?



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