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  • 08 Oct 2013 06:13
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    To produce a video (or videos) that demonstrate and explain how a typical western junk rig works. Show the difference between flat, cambered and split junk rigs.

    Do you know someone who could make - or could you make - a video/s that demonstrates how the rig works, ideally using members boats as the heart of the video. Could include a demo by Robin Blain (see below) of his model. Then upload the video to YouTube with a link from the site, just as we have to David's slide presentation.

    Robin Blain takes a working junk model to his UK rallies. Excellent as that is, it is of little use to the 50% of members who live outside of the UK, nor to guests who visit the site.
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  • 07 Dec 2013 07:54
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    You may not have the time to take this project on, but can you spare a little time to get some material to me so I can make a start?

    My biggest challenge is bandwidth and download speed so I really need your material on DVD.

    Please send me your raw footage and any decent sailing photographs or close ups of rig details you have, burnt to a CD or DVD within the next 10days to allow for postal service.
    Include your boats name, brief details of size and boat hull details, a brief description of what your pics illustrate (if they are technical) as well as your own contact details.

    our address is
    Crib - Boat in transit
    (C/o Adam, J&D Enterprise)
    Kudat Marina Jetty
    Petit Surat 121
    East Malaysia

    many thanks
  • 04 Mar 2014 22:48
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    Somehow contributions to Lesley's added topic ended up in the General Forum. Good response folks, but I'm sure we can do even better!
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  • 25 Mar 2014 00:48
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    Gary Pick plans to take up the challenge of doing the video that began this thread. Thankls Gary. This will be a great asset to the JRA, particularly for new members.

    Gary's video expert mate will do the shoot. Should be a good one. We'll look forward to seeing it Gary, but get that new outboard first.

    Suggest you update us here from now on, as it's best that we stick to one forum rather than report it in e.g. the General Forum.
  • 25 Mar 2014 01:58
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    I keep you all informed of how it's going and when.
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