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  • 09 Oct 2021 16:49
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    Non member Andrew McIntyre, has contacted the JRA as he is giving away his COROMANDEL "Blue Moon" due to health reasons.

     Below are the details he supplied, sorry there were no photos.


    For health reasons I am giving away my Coromandel to anyone who would like to take over restoring her.

    Summary is as under.

    Any interested readers are welcome to contact me for further info -

    COROMANDEL "Blue Moon"

    Some years ago I was invited to join the crews of some junk-rigged Newbridge Voyagers at Holy Loch (Argyll), and was immediately hooked by the effortless performance of their boats.

    I subsequently bought Blue Moon with the intention of stripping her down and rebuilding her but only got part of the way due to business commitments.

    Then last year in my late seventies I had a heart-attack so I am now looking for someone younger and fitter than me to complete the rebuild project.

    Make no mistake though - this boat is a "Project" and a fair bit of work will be needed to get her afloat again, for which reason I am giving her away free!

    I will however be charging £500 for the excellent Snipe trailer she is on and a further £500 for the pristine long-shaft Honda outboard as part of an overall package deal.

    Below the water-line there were slight signs of osmosis so I cut right back into the gelcoat and applied several coats of Jotun Penguard epoxy primer topped off with Hardtop XP.

    I am confident that the hull is now completely sealed and should require no further major attention for several years to come.

    Internally, I took out all removable furniture and stripped out the badly decayed foam/vinyl cabin lining right back to clean fibreglass.

    I also removed the aluminium framed windows with the intention of fitting frameless slabs of polycarbonate, instructions for which I have on-file.

    The cabin cushions are original and in reasonable order.

    All of the spars have been stripped and varnished and are sound as in the mast for which I bought a professionally made hinge and a carbon-fibre sleeve.

    The tan sail appears to be the original and is free from tears and repairs.

    The boat is located at my business premises 12 miles north of Oban in Argyll and is ready to be towed away though she will need to be secured to the trailer with some web straps.

    Also I will need some short notice to round up all of the 'bits & bobs' that go with her.

    Given her pedigree and her sound condition, Blue Moon should be an extremely worthwhile acquisition for any committed "Junkie" better able than me to restore her to her former glory.

    I will be sorry to see her go.

       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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