Oryx is for sale $80k AUD

  • 17 Nov 2021 20:24
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    It never ceases to amaze me how badly people present their boats for sale!  What a tip!

    I think the price is in NZD - either way, it's a bit over-priced.  And, while she has done many miles, Oryx 'merely' sailed from England, to South Africa, to Oz to here.  Knock a few thousand dollars off and throw away some of the rubbish, and she would be ready to complete the circumnavigation, Covid permitting!  You could also get rid of the outboard motor - it isn't actually essential to have two engines in a catamaran.  Having just the one in one hull makes it awkward when getting into a marina, but who can afford to take a cat into a marina anyway?

    Oryx seems to have been unlucky with her owners here in NZ - I think this is the third one.  Let's hope she finds someone to use her as the voyaging yacht that she was designed to be - or at least as a liveaboard - rather than a weekend sailor.

  • 18 Nov 2021 05:20
    Reply # 12134811 on 12123534

    I have been waiting for Oryx to come up for sale again. Part of me regrets not having purchased her when I had the opportunity when pete and Oryx first arrived in New Zealand. For me she does tick a lot of boxes being a multihull, built of plywood, a junk rig, and offshore capable. But when I saw the asking price, and the mess the current owner has made of the boat I cannot work up the enthusiasm to even go and have a look. Even Pete's little two burner cooker has been replaced with a great big gas oven sitting on top of the bench, and the gas bottle located inside the boat beside the stove! The good composting toilet has been replaced with a conventional marine toilet which I think is a step backward, and goodness knows what other 'improvements' have been made. All of these things can be rectified off course, but the price would need to reduce significantly. I suspect the owner will have a hard sell.

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