Amiina FOR SALE a junk rigged Splinter

  • 28 Feb 2023 15:28
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    Amiina, the swift sailing Splinter is for sale inexpensively in Hamble.

    I am very keen that she is sold promptly as I'm away sailing other boats this summer.

    Excellent sail design developed by EH that is in first class condition. Good upwind performance and the normal good performance in every other direction that junk provides.  The sail bundle falls into an well designed stack cover that works well when sailing and provides perfect protection on the mooring.

    Amiina is efficiently rigged for easy sailing and the classic Van de Stadt design slips upwind easily and tracks well down wind  The conversion to junk rig was carried out very professionally and the mast is well supported at both keel and deck.

    For those days when there is just no wind there is a modern and effective Mercury longshaft saildrive outboard engine.

    Amiina is small enough for easy sailing single handed but equally plenty large enough for weekending or more.  I used to potter backwords and forwards across the Channel
    in a bermudian rigged version a few years back.  Amiina however has spent her life in and around Poole Harbour with excursions to the Solent and the West Country.

    Length   21 feet    6.5 metre
    Beam     7  feet    2 metres
    Draft    3.5 feet    1.14 metre
    Fin keel

    Available for immediate viewing in Hamble. Please contact me via the forum or preferably on 07980 984497

    To indicate my keenness to sell she is priced at £ 2,000, this is a firm price as I think it probably represents about 1/2 her market value.

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