• 19 Jan 2024 00:05
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    As you may have noticed, as a new year cleanup, I recently reorganized the listings on this page in order to make it easier for readers to understand what is stlll available.  Some great boats for sale were originally posted months ago and were buried and hard to find.  I "bumped" them back high on the list.  Other boats were sold and I made that clear, in part to show that stuff on this forum is successfully sold.  I also took the liberty of standardizing some headlines so readers can easily see locations and prices.  Finally, to protect member privacy, on one thread I removed two members' cell phone numbers and email addresses that no longer needed to be public. To be clear, I made no substantive edits to any ads.  JRA welcomes members posting ads here for their own boats or for listings elsewhere.  We want to treat the substance of all posts with respect and sensitivity.  

    This forum is among the most popular and important on our website.  I welcome feedback on how to make it better. I want to make occasional edits without overdoing it. Apologies to anyone who felt I did.  Feel free to post feedback here or email me at:  webmaster@junkrigassociation.org.  

    Meanwhile, I am beginning work on a complete new version of the JRA website that should be launched sometime in 2024 as part of revamping JRA's online capabilities. The new site will preserve and highlight this site's great content, some of which is buried or hard to find.  More on that later.  This forum or something like it will certainly be a featured part of the new site.  Cheers.  --Rafael, Webmaster.

  • 20 Jan 2024 09:10
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    Thank you for your hard work, Rafael :)

  • 20 Jan 2024 09:18
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you for your hard work, Rafael :)

    And from me!
  • 20 Jan 2024 10:16
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Yes. Much appreciated.

  • 15 Feb 2024 20:18
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    Thanks for all you do behind the scenes to keep the JRA thriving.

  • 16 Feb 2024 01:27
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    Thank you!

  • 16 Feb 2024 07:33
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you for your hard work, Rafael :)

    Yes, thank you. 
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