For swap for bigger junk: 2022 Golant Gaffer (Auckland, NZ)

  • 03 May 2024 01:58
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    ‘Morvarch’ is a Golant Gaffer; 5.7m on deck, nearly 8m over spars. Built to very high standards and much admired -- "prettiest boat on the river" (the Weiti), "xxxing beautiful" from Ray Beale.

    Strip-plank (bead and cove) clear air-dried Macrocarpa hull, glassed and very fair. Ply decks and cockpit, glassed. Mahogany rub-rail, gunwales, etc. Douglas Fir spars (hollow mast). All bronze fittings, mostly custom-made by Chatfield Marine.

    Bowsprit just now lengthened by 1.3m but we are undecided if that is a bit too much. We haven’t yet put the fittings back on until we decide!

    Camping/cruising interior -- two full-length bunks, space for portable lavatory (though Lavacs are fitted to sister ships) - Roger Dongray, the designer, installed a Baby Blake.

    Nanni 2 cylinder 10hp inboard (ca 25 hours), shaft driven fixed prop. Solar charging to start and 100Ah house battery.

    Maxwell anchor winch with wireless remote. Maxset anchor with chain and warp.

    Power salt-water wash down system.

    Main, staysail and job all by Hood.

    Aluminium two-axle braked trailer (October 2021)

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