Mariposa for sale; JR Contessa 26

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  • 19 Sep 2015 04:18
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    Deleted user

    I'm so sorry Annie, i missed your reply and thus didn't respond. My apologies.

    Thanks for adding a link on your blog, much obliged.

    Regarding Apollo Duck, i understand that the Boatshed Plymouth listing means she's on Apollo Duck too.

    I've also created an eBay listing:



  • 01 Dec 2015 22:27
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    Deleted user

    I'm both happy and sad to report that Mariposa has been sold.

    I nice man from Suffolk has bought her.

    I'll encourage him to join the JRA, and i'll be keeping my own membership current because this is merely a 'rest' from sailing.

    I won't divulge the new owner's name until he gives me permission to 'out' him as a junkie.

    Love to all,


  • 02 Dec 2015 18:03
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    Well, it's very good news for Mariposa and I hope her new owner manages to keep her for more than a few months.  The poor boat will be getting a complex!  It would be great if the JRA got a new and active member: I'd love to read in the magazine - or on the website - what happens to the boat and where she gets to. BTW - did you sell her through the JRA website?

    I trust that you won't be resting too long, Matt.

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  • 03 Dec 2015 00:44
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    Deleted user

    Ouch! Yes, i too hope she is owned and sailed for more than a few months.

    I received many inquiries from people who first saw Mariposa here on the JRA, but after volumes of email correspondence a buyer popped up from nowhere, contacted the broker and it was all done in a matter of days.

    A couple of JRA-inspired enquirers have expressed some annoyance that she is sold, but they had six months to act...

  • 03 Dec 2015 18:27
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    Matt Waite wrote:A couple of JRA-inspired enquirers have expressed some annoyance that she is sold, but they had six months to act...
    There are always those who dither rather than do.  One can only hope that they learn from the experience to 'grab their chance rather than to regret a might have been.'  Whatever - there are still plenty of boats around out there: Robin has a few good value boats on his listings.  Maybe the JRA-inspired enquirers will leap into action, buy one of those and enjoy the experience of crossing tacks with Mariposa in the near future.
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