For sale Maya. 40ft junk rigged steel, schooner 70k in recent receipts. 40k or make me an offer

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    A John knocker design, based on Bernard Moitessier's legendary "Joshua"

    £40,000 all sensible offers considered. 

    A link to the advert and many photos. Below.

    A link to her sailing on youtube

    Reluctant sale of my steel junk schooner Maya. 

    I have recent receipts for 70k much more money spent, on a full external, back to bare metal refit. She at least needs a new ceiling inside as removed for welding. I was planning on refitting most of the interior. I have run out of money and need to sell her.

    I have 100s more pictures of her restoration. 

    Below a list of some works carried out over an 18 month period by Chris of master blaster in alcudia Mallorca. Finish June 2019.

    Christopher Charles Moody Sanç de Mallorca Edificio Sa Punta Bloque B Aptos 3a 07400

    Port d Alcudia

    Iles Balear

    España Chris:-637022675 X-7840423-E


    The following are works were carried out during 2018-19 on the yacht Maya. Inside a plastic tent constructed to protect the boat while the work was carried out.


    All areas of the exterior of the hull were stripped to the metal

    -The hull was sand blasted using aluminum silicate, with very little signs of rust and only two small areas of filler.

    -Due to filler the deck was first chipped to remove this then it was also blasted with the same. -This was not a quick process but as the areas were stripped the same day they were painted with an epoxy anti-oxidant primer international Interguard 269.

    -The cockpit was stripped out dials, helm, teckdeck, jammers, main hatch.

    -All hatches and windows to the rear cabin were removed. These areas were blasted inside and out.

    - The bildge under the water tanks and base around the main mast was blasted painted with interguard and then danboline.


    The blasting on the deck revealed several issues so a welder was called in to rectify these.

    - New boom supports were installed.

    -All stanchions were removed and reset.

    -All old deck rings were removed due to them being rust traps and constantly rusty and being welded to the deck and new stainless steel ones fabricated so the could be bolted in to place. -A large piece of plate was replaced near the formast due to bad pervious repairs and badly installed winch switches and bad previous filler which had trapped rust.

    - There were a number of small welding repairs to be done all over the deck (old screw/bolt holes) that were filled with weld.

    - A number of deck fittings that were no longer needed removed and their holes filled with weld.

    -The rear left hand side bollard had lots of rust around its base this was removed and re- plated.

    -The rings on the push pit were a rust trap so a small piece of rail was removed and a new piece with a flat plate re-placed it so the stainless rings could be installed.

    -Due to the size of the anchor the bow roller was removed and enlarged which caused the lower rail on the pulpit to be removed.

    -The deck drain in the cockpit was renewed.

    -New gunwales were cut near the bow bollards.

    -a surveyor was called to check the thickness of the steel deck and he found that it was a minimum of 3mm


    Five  coats of coppercoat were applied to below the waterline, and that thst just not need repainting for nearly 10 years though it will need annual or bi annual maintenance depending on usage and storage.

    When all welding work was finished all the welded areas were then blasted and primed with the interguard.

    -Before the welding was carried out hull sides were airless sprayed with 2 coats International Interprime 450 and to even out any ugly welds and to even up a small amour of filler was used. -Due to the deck being very uneven it needed a large amount of filler to rectify this, Interfill 833 was used.

    -The deck, stanchions and cockpit were then sprayed with 3 coats of International Interprotect grey epoxy primer.

    -All that is now white was primered with 2 coats of International Perfection white primer, then topcoated by 2 coats of International Perfection Snow white topcoat.

    -The stanchions and other pieces now grey were primered with more Interprotect and topcoated by 2 coats Perfection Platinum topcoat.

    -The non-slip was rollered on one coat then non-slip grit then another coat to cover the grit


    Most woodwork was renewed

    -new boom supports.

    -new block for roller guide.

    -new teak deck.

    -new grid in cockpit.

    -Jammer supports were sanded

    -hatch was sanded

    -new block for single jammer

    -new block to raise the winch

    -new hand rails on coach house roof

    -the dials were checked out and new lenses found then set into a piece of wood. -the helm striped and sent away to be re-powder coated but it was finished badly -new frames for the inside of each hatch were fabricated and fitted

    -new frames for inside the windows were fabricated but not fitted


    -new hatches were fitted

    -winch was serviced

    -new cables fitted for the guardrails

    -stainless steel rigging rings fabricated and fitted

    -engine serviced

    -new boats around the base of the masts

    -new metal window frames were fabricated for the rear cabin as there were previously non. -the tinted acrylic was sources for the new window frames, and all fitted

    There are many photos available of all stages of the works carried out if wanted. I can be contacted with the details above and am happy to pass on photos or answer any question. The above is an idea of all the works we carried out though I can go into a great deal more detail if needs be.

    Thanks for looking. Please feel free to contact me on here or via email. 

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    Good luck with the sale. She is a beauty!

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    Deleted user

    There is a lot to like about a dry steel boat with workmanlike mooring bitts.  Lovely.  I tried to go to your link fur it wouldn't open.

    Best of luck, Great boat.

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    Hi thanks for letting me know the link wasnt working. It is now :) I've also added a link to a YouTube video of her sailing in 2016.

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