Tall Ships Junket, Russell, New Zealand. 8 Jan 2022.

  • 09 Jan 2022 22:37
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    Some photos of the junket taken from Shoestring at the Saturday drift in company.

    A total of six junks, Fanshi, Hihi, Taico, Zebedee, L Francis and Shoestring. Plus my dinghy DD, Marcus and his dinghy and somewhere around David Thatcher with his new catamaran.

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    I think it would be fair to say that this was one of the most successful and enjoyable junkets for many years, even though the wind was far from cooperative, for much of the time we were sailing.

    The first evening was spent at Turtle Island in the Te Pahi group.  This was Bob's suggestion and a lovely spot.  As well as the beautiful little mullet boat, Cora, FanShi, Francis H, Hihi and Shoestring were there, together with the little catamaran, Scrimshaw.  We all met on the beach and had a happy and convivial barbecue. 

    Francis H had lost her halliard block on the way to Te Pahi, so the following morning Chris arrived under electric power in Sunshine.  After an unsuccessful attempt at heeling the boat over so that the masthead was accessible from Shoeshine, she was taken over to the beach and unceremoniously careened.  Chris soon fitted another block, the sail was rigged once more and Francis H back in action. 

    The fleet, with the exception of Sunshine and Scrimshaw, then left Te Pahi with the intention of sailing to Te Wahapu Bay.  We started off with very light winds and then a sea breeze filled in along the N Shore of Moturoa.  This took us into the Kent Passage, where the wind headed us and required much tacking to get through.  On the other side the wind was all over the place and extraordinarlily frustrating.  The forecast E sea breeze could not push back the genuine SW breeze and we worked our way with great difficulty down towards Tapeka Point, by which time the sea breeze gave up the struggle and the SW started to fill in.  FanShi was in the lead as we approached the Veronica Channel, when Gordon reported that he was no longer having fun and preferred a night in the better shelter of Orongo Bay.  By that time the wind was blowing at about F5 directly down the Veronica Channel and I could see the boats in Te Wahapu Bay were all pointing out of the bay; it didn't look very inviting and I needed at least another 4 tacks to get in.  It didn't seem worth winning the race to have to spend the evening on my own!  I texted all three other boats that I reckoned Gordon's choice was the right one and we all sailed for Orongo Bay.  FanShi got her hook down first.  Hihi and Shoestring had both used their engines, but Francis H had battled on under sail.  As she anchored 17 minutes after FanShi, she was deemed the winner under Zane's rules. 

    We spent Friday recovering from Thursday, but all met up for a potluck on Shoestring.  Taiko had gallantly sailed in on Friday afternoon, and joined us at anchor, Renate having made the whole passage under sail due to the engine refusing to start. 

    Because of Covid, this year's Tall Ships Regatta was an unofficial one.  We all got underway bright and early to head for the start line, but the wind was, to put it politely, light and baffling.  With two engineless boats, the general consensus was to keep together as a group which would be more entertaining both for us and those ashore.  I reckon that FanShi, Francis H, Hihi, Shoestring, Taiko and Zebedee must have been quite a sight sailing in close company.  We battled up to the Brampton Bank buoy and finally got a pleasant breeze to go barrelling back towards Matauwhi Bay.  Line honours went to Francis H, followed by Zebedee, FanShi, Hihi and Taiko.  Shoestring (who is still in a state of refit) had retired.  We all assembled on Taiko, congratulated ourselves on our outstanding performances and proceeded to have a great party during which the prize rum was shared nicely.

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