AGM and Junket, Saturday 16th July, 2022 - Roscoff

  • 11 May 2022 07:35
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    AGM and SGM:

    These have been advertised in the magazine.  I encourage you to put your names forward to join the committee. There is just a small group of people helping to keep the association together - we need more people, with ideas and a small amount of time to help us to run things.  If you might be interested, contact me, or the chair (Mark), or any other committee member.  The closing date is 4th June, so don't delay!


    Bloscon Marina is located to the east of Roscoff at the entrance to Morlaix bay. It is near the Ile de Batz and adjoins a marvellous sailing area, with tidal currents, wind and rocks almost everywhere to challenge and hone the navigator’s skills.

    Morlaix bay offers many drying harbours and the harbour of Morlaix, protected by a lock, is a nice cruise.

    The “chenal de terre de l’Ile de Batz” is a very interesting, zigzagging channel; a nice place to race. The Ile de Batz has a well protected drying harbour.

    The schedule of the junket is not yet fixed but we will try to organise a regatta under the international “ZANE’s Rule” as devised by our Kiwi friends. (Explained by Annie on page 44). Weather permitting, we will sail to the Ile de Batz or within the Baie de Morlaix; either way we will have plenty of narrow passages between rocks with tidal streams!

    We will organise some Junk Rig initiation sails, and sailing on others’ junks.

    Roscoff is just on the other side of the Channel, easily accessible at all states of tide. Alternatively, if you are coming from the English east coast, you can cross the Channel, for example to Cherbourg, then cruise along the lovely French coast towards Roscoff. Roscoff is linked by ferry to Ireland, Great Britain and Spain. Roscoff may also be reached by plane (Brest is well served by low-cost companies); and by train to Morlaix. Roscoff is also linked to both Brest and Morlaix by buses.

    During the season, there is a free « Roscobus » that circles the city at 15 minute periods. There is a stop at the Bloscon Marina and at the supermarket. There are many camp sites and hotels . . .

    There is an ‘old gaffer’ meeting scheduled in Brest around the 14th of July (not the huge Brest event but something a bit less formal and organised).

  • 19 May 2022 00:07
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    I should like to emphasise James's request for people to put themselves forward as candidates for the committee.  As ever, in this sort of organisation, a small number of people do all the work.  Worse, some of these people have been doing the work for years because no-one else will step up and offer to help.  Particularly we need people who are prepared to lend a hand on things like the website and membership, which can be quite time-consuming if left just to one person. 

    If the 'old gaffers' event is a typical Breton festival, it's actually about vieux greements, which translates as 'old rigs'.  This is no doubt due to the large number of luggers that used to sail around this part of the world.  The good news is that if anything can be considered an old rig, it's the Chinese junk, so any members wanting to be involved in these events would probably be welcomed.

  • 14 Jul 2022 14:00
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    Boats have started to arrive

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  • 15 Jul 2022 06:09
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    This year, it is a return to the traditional physical meeting preceeded by forums and online voting.  There will be no opportunity to actively participate online, but we are planning to stream the meeting, on a best-efforts basis, to those who are interested.

    Topic: JRA SGM and AGM
    Time: Jul 16, 2022 10:00 AM Paris

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 625 934 1249
    Passcode: RwWc9C

  • 17 Jul 2022 22:26
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    The Roscoff junket is coming to a close after several days of well organised conviviality and sailing. Many thanks, Eric and Jonathan, and to the skippers who looked after us all

  • 21 Jul 2022 06:50
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    It sounds like you all had a great time.  In my role as Associate Editor, I'm looking forward to having a heap of articles to knock into shape for the JRA magazine.  Fingers to keyboards, please, one and all!

  • 23 Jul 2022 00:41
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    Some photos, mostly from Eric’s wonderful crew mate, Jonathan, and new member Zachary, to whet the appetite.  More to come

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  • 23 Jul 2022 11:37
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    Great photos!

    The draft minutes for the AGM and SGM are now available, and the constitution has been amended as per the SGM and published.

  • 24 Jul 2022 04:04
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    Good to see you all out sailing!  Thanks for the photos.

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