Chesapeake Junket, November 11th & 12th, 2023

  • 11 Apr 2023 14:23
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    Chesapeake Bay, USA. Fall Junket!   

    Join us November 11th & 12th, 2023.

    We are hosting a fall Junket at our house and dock in Maryland, USA off the Chesapeake Bay between Baltimore and Annapolis on Marley Creek.

    Nov 11th - Arrive Saturday morning, we'll have a potluck lunch, followed by afternoon sailing.

    Nov 12th - We'll go back out sailing Sunday, until we gather for a potluck dinner.

    Nov 13th - We'll wrap up the Junket on Monday morning over a light potluck breakfast.


    Depending on the size of boats which join us, the weather, and desires of the sailors, we can sail around on Marley Creek or leave the creek and sail on Curtis Creek near the US Coast Guard station or go further and sail on the Patapsco River under the Francis Scott Key Bridge, or go even further and sail the inner harbor of Baltimore.


    A few more boats can fit at our dock, more can anchor on the creek.

    The creek's depth, in front of our house, is 6.5 feet, and 5 feet at the dock.  

    The creek bottom is all soft mud. 

    There are power lines going over the creek with an official vertical clearance of 48 feet.

    There is a bascule bridge with a 42 foot clearance that opens on request, VHF 13. 

    There is a neighborhood boat ramp owned by Marley Creek Marina for those bringing boats by road. They charge $15/day to use the ramp and store your boat trailer in their parking lot.

    We have a small house with three bathrooms which visitors can use. 

    We have room for three tents on relatively flat ground in our yard. 

    We have a fire pit for gathering around, a large-ish kitchen, dining room, and deck for potluck meals.

    There are Airbnbs, motels, and hotels nearby. 

    Meeting location : N 39.163, W 76.590

    The Chesapeake Bay Junket is a gathering of friends interested in Junk Rig. There is no charge, and all participants accept full responsibility for our own well-being and decisions, on land and on the water.

    Registration is requested, to help with planning. To register please go here

    For more information email Debbie or Mike at

    Looking forward to seeing you and sailing together in November!

    Debbie and Mike Lyons

       ~~_/) ~~~ ~~~

       ~~ ~~  ~~~

    Photos below:

    Our dock on Marley Creek - photo credit Debbie Lyons

    Terrapin - photo credit Shemaya Laurel

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  • 11 Apr 2023 20:03
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    This is so great, Deb.

    Everybody, Debbie gets credit for getting things going on both the Chesapeake and the New England junkets for later this year. Can't wait to see who shows up, in each of these places!

  • 12 Apr 2023 00:18
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    Heya Shemaya!

    It was very much a joint effort!  

    Thank you for all your help figuring out how to organise and post about the junket!

    Yes, we're so excited to see who shows up to both Junkets!

    :) Debbie

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  • 12 Apr 2023 15:45
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    You're so welcome, Debbie! Really exciting to see this coming together.

    And thank you Linda Crew-Gee, for trying out the registration form. This let us know that we had a couple of complications there, which are now all fixed. The US East Coast junkies are all really looking forward to when you and Pete come over this way in a few months!

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