Wave Rover YouTube Launch Friday 29 July

  • 27 Jul 2023 09:44
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    Our member Alan Mulholland has announced on his YouTube channel, link above, that he will launch is 6.5 meter junk rig this week - Friday.

    Interested parties are invited to attend the launch, according to the channel, at the Charlottetown Yacht Club. That’s in Prince Edward Island, Canada. 10 o’clock.

    It is wonderful to see new JR vessels, like this one, Glacier Gem, Kokachin, Anna Lucja on the water and great that we can share the adventure on YouTube, or in our own magazine, often.  And SV Tapatya is coming close, too.  Meanwhile, while not a new build, Rachel on Alanouwoly has started her own great adventure and is also available to follow on YouTube.

    Congratulations to Alan and to all these other builder sailors on their great work.  Maybe have a look at their channels or even subscribe to them?

    meanwhile the JRA YouTube channel will reach a milestone 100,000 views in the next few days - that represents lots of people interested in Junk Rig boats.  https://youtube.com/@junkrigassociation 

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