Junket in Brest, 2nd Week in June 2015

  • 22 May 2015 14:26
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    A few UK-based junks are planning to meet up in or around Marina du Château, Brest, Brittany during the second week of June, to enjoy sailing in this beautiful location and to discuss and compare a variety of junk-rigged boats; and of course, to meet and enjoy being with like-minded people.

    Rules : There won’t be any.

    Cost: None, only what you decide to spend aboard your own vessel.

    Liability: None.

    The JRA is an association of people with an interest in junk-rigged sailing vessels who like to meet, discuss and share ideas and recent developments and to sail these amazing boats.

    The decisions of where/when to sail and what to do, remains the decision of each skipper, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of his/her own boat and crew, and the prevailing weather and sea conditions.

    Objective: To spread the word and cultivate interest in the advantages of this rig, amongst sailors young and old.

    Invitation: Is open to any member of the JRA who would like to attend, together with friends, family, pets, retired (or serving) admirals and unpaid deck hands, in other words anyone who would like to enjoy a few days of social sailing.

    What to do next: Let us know of your interest so that we can share information of ‘WHERE, WHEN and HOW’ .

    If you are interested please post in the forum.

    Brian and Maddy Kerslake will be aboard ‘Paradox’ on location from the end of May and can be contacted by mobile 0044 7456 884 855. Brian's email : briank1946@gmail.com

    I am the new Sailing Secretary and whilst not planning to attend the Junket will be very happy to assist from afar. My JRA email is not fully up and running yet so I can be contacted by the email below, and of course I will be watching and can reply on the forum.

    In a day or two I will post details of those who hope to attend with other information intended to assist.


    Ash Woods

    Sailing Secretary JRA

    Email: jenashwoods@talktalk.net

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