Junket - Bay of Islands (NZ) January 2017

  • 27 Nov 2016 01:29
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    May I suggest that a bottle of retsina would be the perfect gift for a certain person whose birthday is on the 7th Jan! 

  • 28 Nov 2016 00:23
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    Linda Lilburne wrote:

    May I suggest that a bottle of retsina would be the perfect gift for a certain person whose birthday is on the 7th Jan! 

    Linda, it would be a pleasure to oblige!
  • 28 Nov 2016 06:22
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    Linda Lilburne wrote:

    May I suggest that a bottle of retsina would be the perfect gift for a certain person whose birthday is on the 7th Jan! 

    Would that by any chance be the Birdman's birthday?  Does that mean he gets to buy a drink all round at the RBC bar? :-P
  • 30 Nov 2016 20:41
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  • 04 Dec 2016 22:46
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    It will be Skatty's birthday on January 5th So all who are attending the junket are invited to come along and celebrate that our fleet admiral will have reached the grand age of 1 and will officially no longer be a kitten but a young cat. More details will be available closer to the time.

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  • 26 Dec 2016 21:06
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    Oryx left Whangarei on Christmas Day - last heard of in Mimiwhangata.  This morning's news is that Tystie left around 0700 to head north, Sweet Thursday and La Chica were in Urquharts Bay, contemplating a leisurely start, and Blondie was also hoping to get away.  Roger (Scott) is aboard Tystie as crew and Linda (Crew Gee) is planning to sail on board Blondie.  I think it's fair to say that the junket has already started!

    Meanwhile I carry on boatbuilding :-(

  • 31 Dec 2016 00:55
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    The crews of Fantail and La Chica are frantically relaxing in Whangamumu, which is otherwise almost empty. Given the quietness, we'll stay hereabouts for another day or two before heading into BOI, which I expect is considerably busier. I have occasional, marginal phone and internet coverage.
  • 09 Jan 2017 19:38
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    The junket apparently continues.  After a very successful Tall Ships Regatta, in which 7 junks participated and 3 were included in the prize giving (!) - full details will be in the magazine in due course - a special prize was given by the JRA for the first junk across the line.  (Strictly, this was Oryx, but we're not used to catamarans here, and the prize was for those participating in the Tall Ships and the Classics Races, which have the same finish line.)  Tystie sped around the course and was first by ages, so her skipper was awarded the bottle of Kraken rum. 

    However, it was given with a proviso that it was to be shared among the other junkies.  In dastardly fashion, Tystie slipped away the following morning and was later reported to be in the aptly-named Manawaora (Man o'War) Bay.  The remaining junks, ably supported by pointy Sweet Thursday, left on that morning's ebb and swept around Tapaka Pt, descending on the hapless Tystie as she lay at anchor.  Her skipper spied the combined fleet of Arcadian, Fantail, La Chica and Oryx bearing down on his anchorage determined on revenge.  Hastily rasing sail, he essayed his escape, but his most cunning ploys were outwitted by the other vessels preventing his escape.  He ducked and dived, flaunting the bottle of Kraken raised to his lips as he tacked once again in a futile endeavour to escape.  Finally he struck his colours, was escorted back to anchor and was constrained to share around the remaining Kraken with his triumphant victors.

    I wish I could have been there!
  • 10 Jan 2017 02:37
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    And we made the newspapers:


    Like all newspapers they got the story about Oryx wrong.


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  • 10 Jan 2017 02:46
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    For people who like to analyse the results of 6 of our 7 junks and wannabe Sweet Thursday:



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