The Little Mermaid's Coming Out Party!

  • 17 May 2017 06:18
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    Dear JRA Members

    After few months of hard work and with much help from JRA members in New Zealand my boat, Francis H, is ready for its Junk Rig launch. 

    Come to celebrate with me the occasion, this weekend in Stillwater. 

    I fell in love with her beautiful lines from the picture I saw. I bought her there and then. When I saw her for the first time in her builder's garden under the olive trees, she looked even more beautiful than I imagined. My heart fills with happiness seeing her afloat again and knowing that I rescued her from her garden fate. She will be having a lot of fun on the waves and in the calms around New Zealand coastline. 

    Francis H was built to a Francis Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 design (with the addition of a cabin) by shipwright Collin Reid at Kerikeri and was launched in 1974. Solidly built of carvel planked kauri, copper fastened to tanakaha ribs, kauri frames and floors. The external ballast keel is of lead.

    Many men turn their heads for her while Pete Hill sweated making her new topmast and sails.  Annie, Roger and Rob not to mention numerous friends and neighbours have heavily contributed over the rest of her new look. 

    Come to celebrate this Little Mermaid's new set of Aero Junk suit of sails if you are in the vicinity of Stillwater, Auckland this Saturday.  Make this a very special occasion for Francis H and me, as will my friends, local boaters and New Zealand JRA members who will be there.  

    However, if you are far away or cannot make it please send Francis H some love sprinkles for her good fortunes, bon voyage chimes, fair weather vibes and best wishes charms... 


    Hope to see you at the party and to sail with you on Francis H!

    Linda Crew-Gee


    When: Saturday 20 May

    • Boating:  messing about in junk-rig boats around Stillwater, late morning 11am till dusk 5pm appx. 
    • The Party:  Roger's home from 5pm - ish. 

    If you'd like to see or sail, row, motor, float, drift in Francis do come early. Oryx, Shoestring, Tystie, Gipsy Girl and Freebie will be here too, not to mention some JRA celebrities!  Any time from 11am onwards is OK.  However, if you are interested in the party only this be later in the evening. Email me for exact details. 

       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
                                                               - the Chinese Water Rat

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