New England Junket 30 Aug – 2 Sept 2018

  • 15 May 2018 20:30
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    The New England Junket will happen this year on Labor Day weekend, in Gouldsboro Bay, Maine. We have been invited to take part in a friend's annual lobster potluck on Saturday afternoon, 1 September. He cooks lobster for everybody (generally about 60 people) and asks that everybody bring a special dish. Folks do, and it's delicious. In hopes that he (and the rest of us) will see junk rigged boats sailing up the Bay, the JRA has been invited! Protected anchorages, and a small number of moorings, are available. Chubba, our lobster host, is volunteering to ferry people in his skiff between anchored boats and his dock. Camping is available about 3 miles away, at Mainayr campground which includes tidal access to Joy Bay, at the head of Gouldsboro Bay. Bed and breakfast is 15 min. away, at Elsa's Inn. Reservations are recommended, since this is a holiday weekend.

    There are two nearby boat ramps, one tidal, the other deepwater and paved. One is on Joy Bay, and the other about 1/4 mile north of the lobster party, on the west shore of Gouldsboro Bay. Gorgeous sailing is to be had in the bay, and outside, going East or West. Gouldsboro Bay is approximately 10 miles east of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. We are about halfway between Penobscot Bay and the Bay of Fundy.

    For more information, or to let us know you might be coming, please contact me, Shemaya, at or 207-530-0647 (daytimes, East Coast USA).

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  • 15 May 2018 21:56
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    Sounds brilliant, Shemaya.  I hope you get a great turn out.  I would think that must be a really nice time of the year.  I remember the weather as being at it's best in Nova Scotia around that time.

  • 15 May 2018 22:49
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    Thanks, Annie. We hope so too, on the turn out. It is indeed a beautiful time to be sailing here – fall breezes, and much less fog, generally. I am dearly hoping that somebody might venture down from Nova Scotia!


  • 01 Jun 2018 01:47
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    Thanks to all for your responses to the 2018 New England Junket mailing. I'm happy to say that so far we have at least 14 people planning on coming, and six who have said they might be able to get here. A variety of boats have been mentioned, most of them, so far, taking advantage of the local boat ramps.

    Of special interest is a conversation we've been having with Jim and Helen, of GAIA, who are in Florida and have just completed a 23 year circumnavigation on their junk rigged Tom Colvin designed Gazelle. They are thinking about coming to the junket (by car), and have offered to do a talk/slideshow about their adventures. We are looking at early Friday evening, perhaps in a local hall with invitations to the wider community. Thank you Jim and Helen!

    Sailing all together has good possibilities, especially during the day on Friday, and Saturday morning before the lobster potluck on Saturday afternoon. Also Sunday. The tide will be conveniently high in the early/mid afternoon, for access to and from the tidal ramps and shores (the Gouldsboro Point boat ramp is accessible at all tides). Tide tables for Prospect Harbor, Maine, are here.  Upper Gouldsboro Bay is about 5 min. later than Prospect Harbor.

    After a bit I'll be sending out more information on the area, including anchorages and directions by road. In the meantime, you can also check out Gouldsboro Bay on NOAA chart #13324 "Tibbett Narrows to Schoodic Island." Oceangrafix is a handy way to see charts for free…

    For more information, or to get on our email list, feel free to contact me, Shemaya, at

  • 28 Jul 2018 14:11
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    The junket is getting closer! Let me know if you'd like details (oh, say, directions…)



  • 03 Sep 2018 20:11
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    The last of the New England Junket participants went on their way this morning. We had a lot of fun – 26 people, counting locals and a few kids. Six junk rig boats, five of which sailed, and some other non-junk sailboats. Many photos were taken, and it looks like articles will be forthcoming.

    Here are some of the earlier arrivals in Maine toasting the New Zealanders who had just left from their winter junket – not quite overlapping, but high in our minds!


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  • 05 Sep 2018 09:07
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    Wow!  That sounds to have been a roaring success.  Lots of people, lots of boats and, looking at the photo, it's nice to see such a wide age range.  I am very much looking forward to reading the forthcoming articles and hope that the success of the second New England Junket will inspire people from other parts of the world to run one.
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