Race to Alaska junket, June 1-6, 2019

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  • 23 Mar 2019 21:03
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    Hi Scott and Phil,

    Thanks so much for all the nice thoughts :-)

    The team that is making the AUKLET run possible has been expanding fast, and quite a bit of fun is being had by all. It's that trek across the country that really adds to the process, but we are gradually getting it worked out.

    Janine will love that she is a role model, Phil! And thanks for your offer of help – that's really sweet, and I'll keep it in mind. Besides that I owe you an e-mail – the winter went so fast. As far as following how this goes, there are some pieces on the AUKLET blog, and there is also an open to the public Facebook page, which should be visible to folks who are not signed up with Facebook. There are bits posted they are already – including that our very own Chris Shelton has volunteered to drive the boat across the country!

    Junket plans, as a bonus part of the Race to Alaska, are adding to my energy for the whole thing. I'm really looking forward to meeting the folks who have said they might come. It's possible that we might see several JR boats sailing along for the sendoff from Victoria, which would be such a thrill.

    Meanwhile, the New England junket is now on the calendar, again for Labor Day weekend in Gouldsboro Bay. Chubba has invited us back to his lobster party that Saturday – so I better get home in time!


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  • 01 Apr 2019 02:28
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    Pacific Northwest Junket News

    Things are picking up with planning the PNW junket, coinciding with the beginning of the 2019 Race to Alaska. So far we have possible six JR boats involved, as well as folks participating arriving by land.

    – Port Townsend: June 1 and 2, likely anchored off of Boat Haven marina. DRAGON'S WING is planning to be there, and to sail across to Victoria with the early tide on June 3 (the r2ak is also catching this tide; race starts at 5 AM).

    – Victoria: folks coming by boat can arrange for a berth at The Wharf St. marina – best to do this well ahead of time. Thanks to Paul Sommers, who has figured out the details on this. 4:30 PM June 4 BYOB cocktail hour for junket participants at Paul's boat, DRAGON'S WING. He also says if you see him there, it's fine to stop by for a chat.

    – 2 PM June 5, visit at AUKLET, in the block of racer slips in the Causeway marina in front of the Empress Hotel (also called the Fairmont Empress).

    – 12 noon June 6, r2ak departs Victoria – sail together with JR boats

    That's the plan so far. If you would like more in-depth information about the junket, or to let us know that you are planning to come, please send me your e-mail address for being in touch about details and updates.


    For more r2ak information:

    Race to Alaska

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