JRA AGM 2020 - July 25 - Online !

  • 19 Nov 2019 17:09
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    Following last year's success with the AGM and Rally in Brixham - we decided to book the same venue but later in the season, hoping that more boats will be afloat and cruising by then.

    Sat 25 - Sun 26 JULY 2020 - Brixham UK

    Giving you plenty of notice to put it in your diary for when you start planning your next sailing or holiday season.  

    Closer the date we will create an event registration page with finer details to follow. 

    For the moment this is just a short announcement to let you know. 

    Hope to meet many of you there and to sail with you.

    All the best 


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  • 12 Jan 2020 23:17
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    As well as sailing in company we will have the honour and a unique opportunity to welcome  John Kwong, JRA member in China and Hai-Bin-Zhau the chairman of Chinese Traditional Sailing Association to the AGM. 

    I so often hear from many of our members about their interest in traditional Chinese junks. This is the time to hear and see more about  traditional sailing in China today and to show our junks too. 

    John Kwong,  has been involved for a number of years in building traditional Chinese junks. Three of the sampans are going to be shipped to Brest and Amsterdam to take part in their maritime festivals.  Unfortunately the sampans cannot make it to Brixham but both John and Mr Hai-Bin-Zhau would love to sail on western junks and to meet us as well to show us the documentary that Mr Hai-Bin-Zhau has been shooting about traditional Chinese junk boats for 3 years.  They would love the opportunity to record the junk rigs developed in the western world as well.

    I hope that many of you are looking forward to the prospects of meeting our Chinese counterparts in Europe. Please make all the effort to come to the AGM and let me know (email: membership@junmkrigassociation.org ).  Hopefully it will be as good event as last year's one if not better. 

    Not to be confused with Brixham AGM and this email (see separate Event postings) 

    It would be fantastic if any of our members and /or boats could join the sampans in Brest or Amsterdam to possibly sail in company. The dates are pretty tight but still…

    Brest  10 - 16 July

    Amsterdam 12 - 16 August

    I hope to see many of you at Brixham for the AGM, rally and to welcome our overseas visitors.

    More details to follow.

    Happy New Year.


  • 30 Apr 2020 05:36
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    Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 

    As you know the physical AGM was due to be held at Brixham, UK on 25 July 2020.

    Under the current circumstances, with Covid 19, and beyond the control of the Junk Rig Association, this physical meeting cannot proceed as planned. The Committee realizes that this cancellation will be a disappointment to members planning to attend but after considering postponing the AGM or changing its location felt a virtual AGM to conduct the AGM business on 25 July 2020 was the best option. Further details will follow.

    The online forum will therefore become more important than ever. Members will be able to register on the JRA website for the online forum, give their apologies, vote on proposals including the proposed subscriptions and on the election of Committee members.

    Members are encouraged to put their names forward to become committee members. If you are interested then please contact an existing Committee member who can walk you through the application process. Nominations will close on 13 June 2020.

    Members can put forward agenda items to be discussed at the AGM by writing to me before 13 June 2020.  

    Stay safe.

    Rob Prince
    Hon. Sec.

  • 03 May 2020 17:53
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    Regrettably this means that I also had to cancel our planned junket for that occasion. Which is a real shame since I was so much looking forward to meeting some of you again and to welcome the newcomers.  

    Unfortunately, there will be no JRA Brixham gathering on the weekend of 25 July. 

    Take care and stay in Good Health !


  • 03 May 2020 22:59
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    Bonsoir Linda

    Bienvenue au club !

    At least we tried, so many didn't !!!



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